Desperate to leave the pain

Once so loved two people were volatile due to years of all kinds of things have become strangers ~ leaving only incomplete memories and can not be healed heartache never thought about ending it is like this, a heart to go another one lonely heart Why are sincere tears filled with sadness but can not be exchanged to pay away your footsteps?

Does not love does not love of nature with reason and logic

Once Haishishanmeng. Once had a love everlasting.

Once affectionate blink of an eye into an empty ~ let go and it really hurts it really hurts my heart even though I sound footing but still kind of painful effort ~

Talking about is useless talking about are not to retain that it can not pull your hand go forever.

Since you can not be pro-income pregnant even though I am worth of dismay, I only let go let go and it really hurts it really hurts my heart even though I sound footing but still kind of pain, effort

Your love has long been flee; your heart has long fly away, but I still do not know innocently, in waiting for?

What is also concerned about for you? Hey. . . Love and do not like to suffer the same. . . I wish to confirm or worry about your off you?

Really hope to be able to hear to see all Hello messages. . . .

Now I have no love to the former direction of no return, perhaps in the future can only be isolated to hide all the pain to pack them. .

Having just one would be online friends of her painful memories so that I can not forget, perhaps, love really have that big of mass destruction.

I tried to forget I would like to forget all the happy including you. I tried, I can not do.

You can kill me, but you can not kill my heart, and have a happy between us once.

Perhaps the feelings of this world there is such a tease; the more you care about the easier it is to lose. . . . .

I am passionate encounter unsympathetic to you; is bound to be a sad thing. . . . .

Cigarettes fell in love with matches; is bound to be a kind of hurt. . . . Perhaps the wind in relation to past Bar