The rain is over, whether you cry

Time unknowingly had a year, winter came again, cold days in Beijing, I do not feel the temperature of the body, I saw the endless shining white of the snow, a kind of speechless feeling that this snow into this Cities covered up, it seems that there is only one color - white

Memories emerge, a gust of wind blowing, I felt a Shu, wake up, it is only a memory, although they have been for so long, but it seems that occurred yesterday, miss, is a pain, emaciated people will recall, remember that as long as the we have a quarrel with each other will be an angry rain!

I said it was, is not heaven for us sad, but the rain after a quarrel, and we are still smiles on the faces, when the sky is so beautiful, the winter is also not feel cold, beautiful, when the snow was beautiful !

Now, I will not in fantasy, I will come out from the memories, although I know that I am in your heart that no one can replace the seats can not, though you know you are in my mind that seat, but I have too much pressure on so that we can not back!

You know what? Juan said, let me put our things to write in the log, I did not do it, you were married, I do not want to see your wife again and your trouble, though I hope that we return to the past, but let you and your wife had a falling out That is not what I want

Juan said that you and your wife is not how good, but I still have to bless you, after all, you have chosen, then they would make good on her, I will not disturb your life, rain so I understand, that is what you cry!