Chinese film "Mulan"


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The film "Mulan" Poster Country / Region: China
Title: Mulan [2]
English name: mulan
Type: costume / History
Producer: Song Cheng
Producer / Director: Jingle Ma
Producer: Wang Zhe, Song Cheng
Story / Screenplay: Zhang Ting
Photo: Zhang Liang
Art Direction / Costume Design: more than an
Action Director: Dong Wei
Music Director: Tan Dun
Music Director: Lee Shih Shiong, Li Wei Siong, easy home Yang, Xiao Ke, Zhang Yadong
Clip: Mr Kwong Chi Leung
Zhao Wei Hua Mulan ornaments
Kun decorated Wentai
Hu Jun decorated door alone
Xu Jiao decorative magnolia flowers
Jaycee Chan decoration charges tigers
Nicky ornaments HU Kui Lee
Liu Yuxin decorated Rouran Princess
Special Performance: VITAS (VITAS) decorated Singer
Chupin Fang:
Starlight International Media Group
PKU Starlight Group
Co., Ltd. Hunan Dianguangzhuanmei
Shanghai Film (Group) Corporation
One colt Pentium Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Paul Lieboner Beijing Film Distribution Ltd
Producers: Wang Zhe, Ni Ying, Long Qiu Yun, Ren Lun, Li, Yu Dong
Filming Unit: Starlight International Media Group
PKU Starlight Group
Co-produced by: Hunan Dianguangchuanmei Ltd.
Shanghai Film Group Corporation
Colt Pentium Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Paul libona Films Distribution Ltd
PKU Starlight Group
Filming Location: Yixian, Hebei, Gansu Yellow River Stone Forest, Yinchuan zhenbeipu film and television, Zhuozhou Film & Television Productions
Filming Date: February 15, 2009 to May 11, 2009
Release date: November 26, 2009 am (27 days)
One of the film songs
"Mulan Star" songs: Li Wei Sung, Yi Jia Yang Live: Zhang Liang Ying
Good width so lonely in this world very slow
Wild wolf on the street for whom it is
Loneliness is a species of blue to my heart diamond
Hear his shout look at the sky
So I cut the moon
Fired at my home place
Beating in the darkness as if the same ink
Which stars name is Magnolia
Let me recall for dinner
Swallow so many years of acid
Love-hate is a palm in the desert
Point of the story of the cave was forgotten
Many years ago I dressed in time for
Going against the wind came Yan Yin Shan
Film songs, 2
"Mulan feeling" songwriters: Lee Shih Shiong, Yi Jia-Yang Song: Stefanie Sun
I do not see the clouds of confusion in the sky flying
I listen to see a tear rolling battlefield buried
Who in the desert I forgot who I am
Who on this day is gray
Wake up sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro north wind
Hometown East Market yesterday, waiting for a horse who is
Iron clothes for you and me from a friend in the next to the broken heart
I asked the sky is white is black
A heart buried a few drops of tears
Life, love carry me forward flight
Remember that the beauty of heaven and earth in the
Sea world 1 ashes
I drink well water at home
It swallowed the taste of life and death
Let me past a glass of King
Said to myself no way back
Wake up sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro north wind
Hometown East Market yesterday, waiting for a horse who is
Iron clothes for you and me from a friend in the next to the broken heart
I asked the sky is white is black
Plot Overview
Northern Wei Dynasty, there's a little girl Jiao Hua Mulan [1] (Xu Jiao plays flowers magnolia), and his father spent arc had each other. Impact of childhood stolen by his father to practice martial arts, private school Stone Sentinel Maze, martial arts strength. Mulan (played by Zhao Wei) 18 years old, nomadic Rouran violated its border, military emergency, Wei universal conscription. Mulan's father could not bear to be on the old battlefield, then drunk father, defying military orders and quietly join the army for the parent.
Entering the barracks, magnolia superb martial arts, deputy battalion commander led Wentai (played by Chen Kun)'s attention. But the identity crisis is not a step by step approaching Magnolia ... ...
Man Taihe Mulan fought side by side win the war again and again, was promoted to be. However, the Magnolia's heart is not at all times to avoid a war. Coexistence, the two gradually Health affair. Mao Dun (played by Hu Jun) siege Jun Wei, seeing to the dead end of the stage, Wentai the sake of their love, to the overall situation, take the initiative to confess his own life experience Mao Dun mystery ... ...
Magnolia chase demobilization of soldiers, follow the footprints Wentai an arduous journey, she finally met his lover. Magnolia Thai Culture and returned to the court, much commendation. I thought lovers get married, did not think the emperor in order to stop the war, determined to make the text Taihe Rouran Princess and the pro ... ...
Behind the Scenes
"Mulan" in the February 10 start from the Star international investment. It is understood that the film will be a changed Hollywood cartoon-style approach, and writing an authentic legend of the hearts of people.
"Mulan" a strong cast, in addition to Zhao Wei and Chen Kun, the film's big villain - played by actor Hu Jun, who "Mulan" in playing the Xiongnu prince, and with Vicki Zhao Mulan, played by a play more than opponents. His film shape playoffs in those years was somewhat similar: an "elegant" and long hair, a loose robe. Chanyu Jaycee Chan and the "Dolphin Sound Prince" Vitas also did their utmost to join. According to Jingle Ma said, the Russian tenor Vitas mysterious foreign prisoners in the film played. "Mulan" will be held in Hebei Yixian's film base and desert location shooting. The "Mulan" soundtrack is a perfect lineup, from five well-known musician Zhang Yadong, Li Wei Siong, Lee Shih Shiong, Xiao Ke, Yi Jia Yang teamed. Jingle Ma version of "Mulan" is based on Yuefu lyrics of "Mulan" as the blueprint, however, in order to increase the worth watching, Jingle Ma is increasing Jaycee Chan, VITAS and other male roles at the same time, also arranged for a "flower Mulan" corner , and invited to the "Yangtze River on the 7th," there are excellent performances, Xu Jiao starred. At a press conference, Xu Jiao Renxiaoguida self-analysis that she would be elected who plays young Mulan is entirely because of his special will "Nvbannanzhuang", "Of course, I especially have a sense of justice is one of the reasons. At school, I always will protect other children from bullying. "Zhao Wei, said:" This role is for an actress not to be missed is an opportunity to play to their potential, to demonstrate their acting skills, I also I hope I can meet all of the creative ideal Mulan. "movie" Mulan, "directed by Jingle Ma, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Hu Jun, Xu Jiao, etc. starring side by side, time slots have been identified this year by the end of November or early December, pre-made 09 Lunar New Year stalls first film, the mainland market and insurance of 150 million at the box office. "
The film "Mulan" recently released by a bloody stills, the stills in the Northern Wei Zhao Wei soldiers dressed in suits, hand-held enemy head, eyes showing a trace of fear. Crew area, and many people complained to them that can not accept such a bloody photos, feel that there is no need to rely on the terrorist costume film scenes to Bo gimmicks, more worried about the audience and some very young women in the audience could not accept. Later, it seems, in fact not so bloody, Zhao Wei played the Magnolia fear the hearts of the most vividly.
Divides the lens when shooting the enemy, Zhao Wei has been spilling Manlianshixue. Zhao Wei said: "These are the use of blood CHUANBEIPIBA paste production, looking very scary, in fact, can also be licking, sweet."

Video News

Early release on the 27th on the national costume of the legendary giant system of "Mulan", as the New Year with the first film plus cast subject dual insurance, ushered in the first day box office grand opening, exhibition games sold out screenings. Break in one fell swoop, "2012" "Twilight City", "9th District," and other Hollywood movies tight encirclement. "Mulan" premiered the same day, UME Huaxing, Wanda cinema, Monica Joy Studios, Star America Studios prime-time games sold out, so that unexpected theater shouted the bounds of reason.


In May 2009 went to France to attend the Cannes International Film Festival, held in the film "Mulan" press conference, publishing the first trailers and posters, with the European countries to negotiate release
In June 2009 to participate in Shanghai International Film Festival, organized by Mulan Night thematic activities, publishing posters, citing the media attention
September 2009 Mulan's official website launched, the first of the theme music, "Mulan Star" release for the second trailer released
October 2009 went to Japan to attend the Tokyo International Film Festival, organized by Mulan Promotion Council, 人气 bursting, citing Japan and South Korea studios attention
October 2009 went to Mulan Shangqiu Yu County, Henan hometown to participate in Magnolia Festival
In November 2009 the film "Mulan" with the same name books and Original Soundtrack (OST) will be distributed nationwide.
November 2009 Mulan crew will go to the United States to promote Mulan, coveted by the North American market, promoting national culture
November 16, 2009 held on the movie "Mulan" Beijing premiere ceremony, but after a massive publicity campaign tour
November 26, 2009 "Mulan," released in Singapore
At 12:00 on the November 27, 2009 "Mulan" officially released the National