Singer Jay Chou Data


Chinese name: Jay Chou
Foreign Name: Jay
Nationality: Chinese
National: Han
Place of Birth: China Taiwan Province, Danshuei Township, Taipei County,
Date of Birth: January 18, 1979
Blood Type: O-type
Constellation: Capricorn
Occupation: singer, music producer
Brokerage Company: JVR Music Co., Ltd.
Representative works: nunchaku, East Wind Breaks, blue and white porcelain


China Taiwan Mandarin pop singer, famous musicians, music creator, composer, lyricist and producer, JVR Music owner of the company in recent years involved in the film industry. Jay is a post-2000 Asian pop music's most revolutionary singer-songwriter with the indicator, the "Asian pop star," said. Jay broke the emergence of Asian pop music long stagnation for Asian pop music turned a new page! Jay Chou biggest feature is that beyond the barriers of traditional Chinese-language pop music, and create new possibilities. His breakthrough in both Asian music (before 2000) the theme, format, integration of diverse musical materials, create a diverse song styles, especially in Western-style fusion of hip-hop or R & B genre's most well-known (such as the double stick, Dragon Punch), can be said to create a Chinese-language pop music, "China wind" of rebellion. Jay Chou in 2003 topped the U.S. "Time" magazine's Asian edition Cover! Jay is the second-mei, Ayumi Hamasaki, the first three appeared in the famous "Time" magazine cover of the Asian artists, but also the first Asian male singer to be so honored. Jay Chou in 2002 to 2008 Pa IFPI obtained good results with six consecutive six-year recording the highest sales of Mandarin, but also obtained for 8 consecutive years, sales of IFPI's top ten Mandarin album. Jay Chou is also 8 years in a row winner of Taiwan's record sales, according to IFPI statistics from 2000-2009, the total album sales of more than 2,000 in Asia, more than two million; in 2008, following artists from Taiwan Chang Hui-mei, Takeshi Kaneshiro, F4, serves as the U.S. news network CNN Talk Asia interview with objects. CNN Reporter specially came all the way to Taiwan, while the interview with Jay opened Mr.J located restaurant, the content of talk about Jay branched out into music, film achievements, China's wind music popular outside attention. About 30 minutes of interviews with Jay Chou whole answer in Chinese. CNN broadcast in September of that year to visit this section, saying that Jay Chou as: "a shy Asian heavenly king."
In November 2008, with "I'm busy," album has received, held annually in Morocco, "World Music Awards (World Music Award, WMA)" issued by "the highest selling singer (Greater China)", has not even been three ( 2006 "Still Fantasy", 2007 "I am very busy," 2008 "Capricorn"), to break the Song of God Jacky Cheung, two consecutive record; plus 2004 "Pungent", Jay has successively obtained Fourth World Music Awards.
Jay Chou in 2009 to enter the international, into the Hollywood film and began shooting "The Green Hornet," from an Asian superstars blink of an eye into a truly international star! [Edit this paragraph] ♫ ♪ Personal Data
Height: 175cm
Weight: 70kg
Zodiac: Ma (Lunar New Year by Lunar New Year)
Languages: Mandarin English Taiwanese will say a little
Nicknames: Jay, Chou guide, Xiao Zhou, Asia, one of the three major Musician, musical genius, the Asian kings, Jie Wang, Xiao Zhou Zhou (LIU Geng-hong to their nickname)
Occupation: Singer, owner, composer, lyricist and music companies, music theorists, music producer (Professional: Music sideline: boss, director, actor)
Status: King of Asia, the international well-known star
Education: Yamaha kindergarten, Chunghsiao primary, Jinhua States, Taipei County, Tamkang High School music department (music school affiliated)
In school majoring in music: Classical music
Majoring in school subjects: Classical piano, composer
Expertise: music, music theory, music composition, improvisation, production, composition, Xieci, arranger, Zi Bianzi guide, basketball, games, all kinds of musical instruments
Music types: R & B, classical, blues, jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese style
Music foundation: an early age to deal with the read music was born Western classical music, majoring in: Classical piano (Professional Performance Grade) Minor: Cello (Professional Performance Grade) favorite Chopin, Liszt's works
Specializes in musical instruments: piano, cello, accordion, flute, guitar, bass drums, drum, Konka drums, Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa, Mandolin, etc. (said to be 20 kinds of musical instruments and swordsmen)
Mantra: Oh ~ nice Oh, Man Cock, no 啦, No, no, it does not matter, not 啦, sauce ah
Custom action: two finger scissors posture, thumb cocked, his hands over his nose, clap
The biggest advantage: Stick to your own style, creativity
Biggest drawback: Old Love Wang Ci, personality Mo Naixing
Greatest wish: traveled to every corner of the world [2]
Excavation People: Chung-Hsien Wu
Experience: Tamkang Middle School choir piano solo, accompanied by public television - thyme fried fish (unit opera), music, street performers (role), TVBS-G Super Rookie of the Year runner-up
Family status: Jay Chou (an only child, her parents divorced, living with their mothers)
Chau's father (the physics teacher - retired), mother, Ye Huimei (secondary art teacher - retired), grandmother Ye Zhan A-mei.
Circle of Friends: Fang Wenshan, Mayday Oshin, Nan Quan Mama, Wilber Pan, JJ Lin, Show Luo, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Charlene Choi, SHE, Avril Lavigne, big S, little S, Angela, LIU Geng-hong, Ko-lun, Stefanie Sun, Fish Leong, Xie Na, Li Chen, Song Zuying, Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, Chen Guanlin, Andrew Lau, Zhang Yimou, Yundi Li, GAO Jun-jie Hou, Jiang Hui, Kankan, Gui Lun magnesium, Eric Tsang, Jiang Yu Chen, Alice Tzeng, Anthony Wong.
Favorite sports: Basketball
Childhood dream: to be the same as kung fu superstar Bruce Lee and become world-renowned classical musician (pianist, a cellist)
Like the girl types: long hair, Dan Fengyan, filial piety, with classical beauty.
The best creative partner: Fang Wenshan (words) Huangjun Lang (word) ice cream (MV Dance) ZHONG China (Arranger) Hong Jing Yao (Arranger) Michael Lindsay (Arranger), Mr Wong Yu-hoon (Arranger) Duguo Zhang (modeling) Kuang-sheng (MV Queen's Director)
Film: Hayao Miyazaki cartoon film of any one
Hobbies: diabolos, playing instruments, practicing martial arts (practicing nunchaku), magic, open sports car, Lut puppy
The most popular items: cap, chewing gum, Hip Hop Hats
Collecting hobby: antique lamps, shoes, hats, Cock cars, antique cars, antique furniture, all kinds of musical instruments, all kinds of silver jewelry
Financial idea: give money to their families, their own to concentrate on doing a good job as long as the cause of financial resources is a natural thing rolling
Favorite music: R & B, HIP-HOP, classical, mashups, JAY-style love songs, Chinese style
Favorite cartoon character: Conan 哆 啦 A Dream
Favorite clothes: natural, comfortable, HIP-HOP (a simple T-SHIRT T-shirt with shorts), mask
Favorite color: blue, black
Favorite food: chicken lunch, steak, tomato scrambled eggs
Favorite drink: sweet can be
Favorite musician: Chopin, Mozart, Liszt, Yo-Yo Ma, Joe Hisaishi
Favorite artist: Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat
Favorite basketball player: MICHAEL JORDAN
Favorite singers: Jacky Cheung
Favorite idol: Chopin
Admire most promising artists: Hou GAO Jun-jie
Favorite genre: China's wind, R & B, blues, classical
The most annoying things: The paparazzi photographed
The most respected person: Mother (Ye Huimei), grandmother
Done Zuishuang thing: get rid of paparazzi
The most painful thing: genetic Ankylosing spondylitis
The most troublesome thing: want to do more and more, but time is never enough
Commonly used Action: Wuzui ~ ~ ~
The first lyrics of Creation: the song is "permanence"
The first winning record: Taiwan's TVBS-G "Super Rookie program" Year 1997 runner-up
First published in the first song: 3 Dusk on the 3rd
For the first time and love to see the movie: July 7 clear
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◆ Album

"JAY" [3], 2000 Nian 11 Yue 7 Ri
[4] 01 lovely woman
02 Perfectionism
03 Xing Qing
04 wife
05 Bull
06 Black Humor
07 Istanbul
08 Indian Old Turtle Dove
09 Tornado
10 in the opposite direction of the clock
"Fantasy", September 1, 2001
01 爱在西元前
02 Dad I am back
03 简单爱
04 Ninja
05 Kaibulekou
06 Shanghai 1943
07 Sorry
08 Weiliangubao
09 nunchaku
10 quiet
"Fantasy + Plus (EP)" 2001 Nian 12 Yue 25 Ri
01 snails
03 end of the world
02 you are happy than ever before
"Eight Dimensions", July 19, 2002

Eight Dimensions
01 Orc
02 Bandaotiehe
03 cypher
04 Dragon Fist
05 trains hundred places to go
06 leave (Taiwan version: splitting)
07 Grandpa bubble tea
08 return to the past
09 Milan, a small blacksmith
10 Last Battle
"Ye Huimei," July 31, 2003

Ye Huimei
01 Name of the Father
02 cowards
03 sunny
04 The Class
05 East Wind Breaks
06 you hear
07 同一种调调
08 of her eyelashes
09 Love cliff
10 terrace
11 pole
"Hidden Track EP" 2003 Nian 11 Yue 11 Ri
01 tracks
02 broken chord
"Common Jasmin Orange", August 3, 2004

01 of my site
02 Common Jasmin Orange
03 excuses
04 Grandma
05 General
06 stranded
07 Spring and Autumn Flurry
08 Replacement Suspect of the Big Dipper
09 garden
10 end the war of the War
"J III (EP)" 2005 Nian 06 Yue 26 Ri
01 drift
02 all the way north
"November's Chopin", November 1, 2005

November's Chopin
01 Nocturne
02 Blue Storm
03 hair like snow
04 black sweater
05 besieged on all sides
06 Maple
07 Romantic Mobile
08 Ni Lin
09 Maltose
10 Coral Sea
11 drift
12 all the way north
"Fearless EP" 2006 Nian 01 Yue 20 Ri
01 Fearless
02 Xian Shi (Cantonese live version)
"Still Fantasy", September 5, 2006
01 of Chapter VII of the night
02 mother's words
03 thousand miles away
04 Compendium of Materia Medica
05 back
06 Red-imitate
07 Xin Yu
08 White Windmill
09 Rosemary
10 Chrysanthemum Taiwan
"Golden Flower EP" 2006 Nian 12 Yue 12 Ri
01 Golden Flower
02 Chrysanthemum Taiwan
"Can not say the secret of the film soundtrack," August 13, 2007
01 can not say that the secret of
"I'm busy", November 1, 2007

I am very busy
01 Cowboy busy
02 Rainbow
03 Blue and White Porcelain
04 Sunshine Otaku
05 Dandelion conventions
06 Musou
07 Distance (formerly known as: I am not qualified)
08 tear
09 sweet
10 longest films
"Film Soundtrack Jam," January 18, 2008
01 weeks heroes
"Beijing 2008 Olympic Games song album," May 2008
01 mountains and seas
"Capricorn", October 14, 2008
01 Long Zhan Knight
02 give me a song of time
03 Snake Dance
04 Huahai
05 Mr. Magic
06 said yes happiness
07 Lan Ting Xu
08 wandering poet
09 Time Machine
10 Chalk Uncle
11 Daoxiang
"Long Zhan Knight (2DVD)" 2009 Nian Yue 20 Ri 1
1-1 Cowboys busy
1-2 Rainbow
1-3 Blue and White Porcelain
1-4 Sunshine Otaku
Dandelion conventions 1-5
1-6 Musou
1-7 I do not deserve
1-8 pull
1-9 sweet
1-10 The longest film
2-1 Long Zhan Knight
2-2 give me a song of time
2-3 Snake Dance
2-4 Huahai
Mr. Magic 2-5
2-6 that a good happiness
2-7 Lan Ting Xu
2-8 wandering poet
2-9 Chalk Uncle
2-10 Daoxiang
Painting sand (Yuan Yong-Lin and co-composer concert)
◆ other creative
3 Dusk on the 3rd, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Swing Say Goodbye "Jacky Wu's Taiwanese song"
Heart aloud words "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Singer is still happy, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Easily broken heart, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Acacia's ZvBox secret, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Your happiness than ever, "You happy than ever,"
Roof "You're becoming more fun,"
Equilibrium point, "You happy than before,"
I put a person "you are becoming more fun,"
Sad tree "you are becoming more fun,"
Play tricks "off track"
Off track "off track"
I do not love the picture "off track"
Blind and deaf "Yongbaoankang"
Be careful along the way (the first wave of the new album singles)
Kankan (Kang Jung)
Tear "tear"
To leave you a last resort "tear"
A light bulb "tear"
Blade edge "realize their dreams"
A light bulb 2 "realize their dreams"
Time bomb "dreams"
SBDW jeer than honk Wow
End of the world "doomsday"
IMs as text "doomsday"
Normal "doomsday"
You take the "doomsday"
Not wish to "Wanne Fly"
La Mumsica "Wanne Fly"
You will get my heart "The Sixth Sense"
Love like this "sixth sense"
There are alley cats, "The Sixth Sense"
Fallen on deaf ears, "The Sixth Sense"
French leave "The Sixth Sense"
Big Dipper "and a bit wild"
Movable "a bit wild"
Tears to know "a bit wild"
Hell's Angels "Blue Rain"
Take the "Blue Rain"
Hot "Blue Rain"
Wish me Happy Birthday "warm-type effect"
Summer Wind "warm-type effect"
Even if not clear about how you "Lucky Number"
Say I Love You, "Watch me 72 change"
Prague Square "look at me 72 change"
Knight spirit "look at me 72 change"
Is love "The Castle"
Pirates "Castle"
Rewind "The Castle"
LIU Geng-hong
Lost tickets "Rainbow Heaven"
Heart heartache "Rainbow Heaven"
Spiritual war "Rainbow Heaven"
Love painting "Rainbow Heaven"
Legend of the Western Regions "Rainbow Heaven"
Tropical rain forest "Youth Co., Ltd."
Riverside Park, "Super Star"
Migratory Birds "ENCORE cries of"
Electric shock "Forever New + Best Selection"
Quiet "my radio station FM S.H.E"
Nan Quan Mama
Collapse, "Nan Quan Mama's Summer"
You like her "excellent の good song Southern engage children"
Bao Yibao "Baoyi Bao"
Fan Jian (Guangdong) "Baoyi Bao"
I love people, "Bao Yibao"
Erleng child "Baoyi Bao"
Must be happiness, "count your relentless"
Xian Shi (Cantonese) "operator you are relentlessly"
Rain sound "half-drunk half-awake"
In the end who is the Iraqi "red line"
Who love to dream fish "who love to dream fish"
Sister, are you asleep? "Unbeaten Lovers"
Strawberry quick expired, "posing as the angel"
Mask, "I love you × 4"
Mermaid "Vivi and ..."
Prohibition of grief "Zhenaiwudi"
Snail "Zhenaiwudi"
Day by day, "Zhenaiwudi"
Handwritten love "north latitude and 66 degree"
Black Rain "X"
Datong world "Without You"
Beings margin (Cantonese) "Without You"
Wangxue E
Who is the idiot "sliding to the left"
Love captured "a fool is me"
People who will not cry, "Good-bye my love"
Injured sweat "Goodbye my love"
Slow Song "Music is the answer"
I just can not afford to forget the "butterfly came to this world"
Looking for happy people "butterfly came to this world"
Rangers Ticket "Break Through"
War, "Please steal this album"
Enemy "because it is only me"
Out to "recognize the bar"
Jiang Yu Chen
My theme song "Sunny Doll"
I'm too good "Sunny Doll"
Romantic love "Sunny Doll"
Sunny Doll "Sunny Doll"
Was first included in the film "can not be said of the Secret" soundtrack li
Other singers (31)
Andy Lau pot of Nostalgia "Heaven opened,"
Jacky Cheung fortune-telling, "Senseio. Hot"
Aaron Kwok Love "my nation"
Leo Ku sky wizard "treasure hunt"
Wang Lee Hom Open Love "can not miss you"
Show Luo self-hypnosis, "Hypnosis Show"
Wilber Pan stand by your side "Bihumanbu"
Vic Chou I'm not F4 "I'm not F4"
Adu concession "Hello"
Li Wei clear sky (TV series "rapid Legend" theme song)
Lui Fong sad diagonally across from the "Dear Lui Fong"
Blackie Ko gentle bad man "re-conquer"
Kenny devil's poems, "Tao a new heavens"
Dikeniuzi sell heartbreaking "I do this, you do not love people"
Beautiful duet Moonlight "Splendid 3 Warmth"
CoCo Peking Opera Blues "Promise"
Chang Hui-mei, if you heard of "star"
Gigi Leung to their songs "to his own songs"
Joey small "small"
Annie Niannu Jiao "Princess A"
Tao Jingying two lonely "Youth"
Evonne Hsu Shi-water snake mountain god "myth"
Fish Leong amnesia and "kiss"
Angela Dear it is not love, "Ang 5.0"
Huang Junlang Girls Do not Cry for Me (film "can not be said of the Secret" soundtrack)
Tours Eddie Girl Power "i-D POWER"
Rui En white feather "ruien"
Xi Yan fashion industry "out of Yuxi Wang Wai"
4 in love fate "is more afraid,"
Twins associated relations "Yan-tung, then the phrase"
Wang Lan Fei lonely river, "Wang Lan Fei EP" (TV series "Chuanniang Wen Wei" Pianwei Qu)
Lin Chi-ling "Take Me to Fly" movie "thorn hills" theme song