McCartney made Xindie music next month to commemorate his late wife and teammates


Former "Beatles" and lead singer Paul McCartney's new live recording album "Good Night, New York" and the DVD will be officially released next month on the 7th. Week 3, McCartney in London, attended the promotion ceremony for this album. Activities the scene, the legendary music star said with emotion that he has been very missed all these years his late wife Linda and "The Beatles" in the two deceased members John Lennon and George Harrison, while the music it is themselves and their "reunion," an important link.
Former "Beatles" and guitarist George Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001, John Lennon in New York in 1980, was shot dead, while Linda was in 1998, died of breast cancer. "I miss George ... ... along with John and Linda." McCartney said, "through music, 'to see' their own way very well, I like it. You know it is a kind of emotional communication . This is a bit sad, very emotional. "
McCartney also pointed out that his song "Today at this time" is specially written by Lennon, whenever their own interpretation of the song, when his heart is always with emotion, so often unable to control their emotions.
McCartney also admitted that he is not suited to the business for when the stage performances, when facing the crowd, and even "panic", but now, his mind will be willing to express some thoughts. He "Today at this time" as an example, said: "I want this song to express my appreciation of John Lennon. I will say this in front of all strangers. This is a good thing. Perhaps the time in my 18 years of age I would not do this, because then I will not let himself cry in public. And now, everything is OK, I've grown used to these. "
It is reported that McCartney's new album, "Good Night, New York" will be included in New York in July this year, he evening performances of three songs.
In addition, the former "Beatles" drummer Ringo Starr's first 15 studio album "Y Not" will be officially released in January 2010. McCartney and Starr will also take the opportunity again to his personal record in this Starr's playing the bass for two songs, and as lead singer.
According to reports, their co-operation of the two songs called "Peace Dream" and "with me." Stahl said in an interview that he invited the McCartney when McCartney is participating in the Grammy Awards ceremony, and when he heard the full song After he leaves, the lead singer of the song re-recorded some of a bit. Starr marveled: "Paul served as lead singer of the song is really fitting." In addition, "with me" is also known as "It's like a between the two friends reminisced."