Special effects master Richard - Taylor appeared in Chengdu with Oscars Cruncher


Special effects master Richard Taylor
Look, this is the famous Oscar Oscars! Yesterday afternoon, five Oscars in the famous special effects master Richard Taylor, the first time under the care Di Rong, with the attendant arrived there include "Lord of the Rings," "King Kong" in Hollywood, including props. However, explain this five Oscars exactly the same as the respective winners, and its owner Taylor said: "do not remember."

15:00, Richard Taylor and his entourage arrived in the hotel, five Oscars surprise from a homeopathic just leaping out of the black pocket, five Golden Boy Cruncher, so that the scene flash flash incessantly. Taylor said that in preparation for the "Outstanding Visual Effects Art Sheng Film Exhibition", and his Weta Workshop team spent five weeks time, the collection of its practitioners 23 years the most representative of the nearly 200 exhibits, the weight of a total of 7.5 t.

When asked which five Oscars were awarded when the films because of what Taylor actually alleging he himself was not clear, "the organizing committee was awarded to our Golden Boy, when are labeled above will be marked as Which award-winning films. However, I think that the reasons for winning is not important, Golden Boy is a symbol of highest honor. "As a result, Taylor, who tore off the label of each gold statuette, so that they do not the" name ", but Taylor said that there are four of them from "Lord of the Rings," one from "King Kong."

Morning Post Duan Zhen-Xiang Yu Photography