Conan Movie release Sudi confrontation before the Spring Festival as the highlight of

"Conan" Movie
"Dora A Dream" Theatrical films every two years, comic fans will be so, "Guo Bayin," while another classic cartoon, "Detective Conan" Movie Part 13 - "Detective Conan 2009: dark Chaser "has formally recognized the introduction, planned for 2010, released in China before the Spring Festival, will be the first country to the big screen landing the Conan movies. This time, tells the story in Tokyo as the center, there were six large-scale continuous killings. Film code-named "dark Chaser," the mysterious man in black gin, under irrigation, was a poison into a child makes Conan the culprit, so again against the two Sudi become the highlight of the film. At the same time, but also a dark organization since the first five, "the countdown towards the kingdom of heaven," after the second appeared in the Movie.

"Detective Conan" is the most popular of contemporary animation characters, one of Conan's image has been available since the first time, has published 66 monographs (China Publication 65), and each year since 1994, occupied the best-selling comic books in Japan, List The first five and the annual box-office top ten. Conan the beginning of this century, an official visit to China later became the first ratings are squeezed into the top ten of the cartoons. Statistics show that, "Detective Conan" is currently the largest circulation of comic books. (Off power system)