You must be happy than I

There is a love, knowing that the waiver, but not willing to retire.
There is a love, which is clearly suffering, but it is still dead set.
When the love already become the past, only the slightest bit of love into a blessing!
Although there have been Huaqianyuexia never romantic, nor death dependent conventions, and no Haikudanlan promise; in the deepest heart There was a general belief in the persistent pursuit of true love, a pure love, at any time should not be adulterated too many old scores between the earth, no matter what the outcome!
Quiet heart of the sea always in the dead of night when the waves stirred up thoughts, love should be no hate, just hope that the interpretation of the miracle of love in exchange for the continuation of friendship, of love of the world, searching, feeling the human love and separation, I believe it is somewhere in Heaven, or the legendary fate, after all, there is no dress rehearsal in life, passing away is the Food of Love can not return to yesterday ........
Would like to use this literature to a lively and lovely "heart Bridge Lovers", wish you happy in the coming days to spend every day!