"Twilight City: Crescent" big hot werewolf Lott conquest Fox


Taylor - Lott (left) and Jamie - Fox (right)

LOS ANGELES Beijing November 30, according to foreign media reports, in "Twilight Town 2: New Moon" (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) of the premiere ceremony, and has never sought after girl Taylor - Trent Lott (Taylor Lautner) has again made the crowd crazy. But Taylor - Trent Lott's charm can not only deal with Qingdouchukai girls. The 17-year-old actor at last week's talk show, the audience talked back to him and an Oscar-winner Jamie - Fox (Jamie Foxx) have to say the story.

Taylor - Lott said: "In last year's" Twilight of the City "first premiere ceremony, I saw a lot of fans, have heard countless screaming. Suddenly I heard a very deep voice from behind me came, said, 'Taylor! Taylor!' and then the voice of the master came up to me, 'Hey! my daughter very much like you, I am also a fan of you. I can take a picture with you? I was Jamie - Fox.' Then I said, 'You're joking, right? I have always wanted to photograph it with you!'. "

"Twilight Town 2: The Crescent" in the United States time to premiere November 20, at present 200 million U.S. dollars has already broken box office. (Wormy / text)

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