Guinea pig A-Team

China Sina News reported that file into the New Year, the first large - Hollywood 3D animation, "guinea pig A-Team" was recently released, one from the five mice special forces teams consisting of the last to save the earth. This five mice, there is a ghost inside is actually in the film was only exposed the true face of the end, so that no thought of all the audience. During the exhibition of a film, a joint paper on the special video Yonghua International Studios launched a free viewing event.

The original movie by Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz and other big-name Hollywood voice actors, while the domestic from the Shanghai film dubbing studio dubbing. Consistent comedy style, authentic Chinese flavor combined with the plot, the film also used a number of contemporary pop vocabulary, small guinea pig will actually jumped out of his mouth, "My Sassy Girl", "Sister Lotus", "faded Mao I am Michael "and other funny language, humor and imagination.

Ma Yan's China Sina