Linguists to create a "Affan up to" an alien language for four years coinage 1000


Affan Da" stills

Morning News James Cameron's new film "Affan up" will soon release the film about a place in the distant outer planet Pandora's a beautiful tragic story. In order to film close to perfect, Cameron unavoidably every detail meticulously polished, and he even recruited linguists Fu Luomo for a special film of "Star America Na" and created a complete language system.

Fu Luomo is not entirely out of thin air to create, Cameron gave him a script prototype, which contains more than 30 "Na American" language vocabulary, although most of them are the names of the roles, but to understand Came Fu Luomo Lung want to What kind of a language (there is a sense of rhythm, fluid rich in appeal). Depended on this clue, Fu Luomo took four years to gradually explore the creation of a set of grammar rules and language has its own structure, you can use, and a complete language system.

Forming "Na American English" is a very gentle language, which drew Indians, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, linguistic characteristics, and some people felt like listening to Polynesian languages, and some people felt like a language in Africa , and some people feel like the German or Japanese.

"Na American English" not only will appear in the "Affan up" movie, the game will appear in the French film production company of the same name game. Fu Luomo hope "Affan up" can shoot and pass before the sequel, so he invented a language they can gain more exposure and use of theory to let others also came to the language, so that he can and others as "na American" language conversation, rather than to himself.

However, this language is not easy doctrine, or at least satisfied that beauty, "Nei Teli" voice of Zuoyizhaer Dana is so think, "learning the language difficult, and most of my energy is spent on something like that of the I think they simply can not get through. "To help actors theory" Na American English, "Hollywood's Cameron specially hired the well-known language to guide the division Meyer, she has helped," Air Force One, "Gary Lane Oldman learned Eastern Europe accent. With her, the language difficulties and finally been overcome.

Current "na American" language has more than 1,000 words, Fu Luomo also kept expanding, "Na American" language vocabulary, and will not stop after the film's release, in his words, he would always do their own did not the ending. (Small waves)