United States and even kissing in public Brokeback provoke complaints from television cameras will again protest against the deletion

China Sina reporter Lin Zheng

This year's American Idol runner-up Adam - Lambert had trouble again. He admitted yesterday in the American Music Awards show on the loss of self-control, his performances attracted rave thousands of spectators complaints. But the greatest controversy is not the Lambert male beauty with blond kissing in public, but ABC and CBS television stations this reaction. ABC canceled the invitation of Lambert, but Lambert CBS in an interview after the controversy over his lens blur treatment, the results of these moves, triggering protests from the U.S. gay organizations.

More than 14 million people on live television Sunday, watched the gay psychedelic rock singer in the American Music Awards ceremony near the end of performances. Lambert was a man Jiwen keyboard player, and to another performer's head down to his crotch. The ABC television network broadcast the ceremony were a large number of complaints, ABC in the "Good Morning America," and Wednesday's talk show had to remove the lens Lambert.

CBS rival ABC, who put the rock stars go to the "Morning News" program, in the program Lambert said he is not to provoke the audience, but he refused to apologize. "In the day's American Music Awards ceremony, there are many strong flavors, hot show, I am not the only one." Indeed, in the evening's program, Lady Gaga smashed a bottle of whiskey, Janet Jackson had interfered with the one male dancer's crotch, but Eminem is endless singing about rape, sexual harassment RAP.

"I admit that I did lose their senses, I saw a man offended, but that is not my intention." Lambert said, "If it is a popular women's movement on stage, I think it does not will cause so much anger. I think this is because I was gay. "

Lambert justified for their own defense. "New York Times" to "public standards or double standard?" As its theme commented on the incident. Commented that the people on TV all day can see adult-oriented images, it is rarely any criticism, but surprisingly some of the screen, or stepped on a public nerve when the situation is completely different.

Homosexual acts between women are not as hot gay so outside criticism. Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Awards ceremony on the tongue while kissing has become a hot topic of discussion, but did not because the network broadcast some of these lenses and have been complaints from viewers.

Play of the lens to be subject of the complaint, but does not broadcast is also being protested. CBS "Morning News" broadcast Lambert blurred men kissing video, did not expect to do so resulted in the site's own troubles. Gay rights organizations to condemn the hypocrisy of CBS, because the Madonna and Britney Spears kissing clip has not been broadcast added.

CBS said the problem is very difficult. CBS News spokesman said: "Madonna's public image has been known, in her morning show appearance rate is considerably high. Lambert's image in the present there is considerable controversy, is not suitable for large-scale dissemination of Therefore, we all know, this is still a reasonable result. "