To break 09 world records Xindie selling album Aunt Susan

Susan - Boyle Aunt

PRC this year's "Genius of England show" The biggest surprise - 48-year-old "Tian Laicun women," Aunt Susan Boyle created a miracle! This week, Susan's new album, "I had a dream," the first day of worldwide distribution, the company sold 13 million copies to create the world's singers at this year's first day sales record of sub-plate. This figure compared with the Top 5 album this week, the other four albums combined.

In fact, before the official release, the album has broken the Amazon pre-sale record in the history of the world's highest. "I had a dream," is expected to be sold before this weekend, 400,000, is likely to become the fastest-selling album this year. This year, the record is currently being maintained by the boy band JLS, their self-titled album earlier this month at sub-sold more than 23 million copies worldwide. According to the current rapid sales momentum, Susan Aunt of this achievement, integrity directed at leona Lewis created by the first week debut record away. Two years ago, Lewis's first album, created in the first week sales of 375,872 of the alarming figures. "People of all ages seem to buying the album, apparently it will be necessary this year's Christmas gift one." HMV video store Genaluoka Starr say any more.

As this year's "Genius of England Show," runner-up, Susan said she finally realized the dream of issuing their own album. "No matter who, anyone who dares to pursue their dreams, happiness is waiting for him in front of it!" Earlier this year, nothing to boast of her courage to board the "genius of England Show" stage, wore well-known poison tongue judge Simon test Will ridiculed the pressure to a 经典音乐剧 "Les Miserables" in Fantine sings songs, "I had a dream of the" Stunning 4, fame. The video has been competing with her on the Internet, sometimes touched countless people all over the world.

Susan remake oldies music companies to seize the selling points of fame for her launch a full cover of the classic songs from the album consisting of a total of 12. These include rural and popular classic song "Armageddon", the classic Christmas song "amazing grace," "Silent Night" and the jazz song, "Cry Me A River", etc. Then there is first touched the world, "I had a dream."

When the astonishing record of birth, the old one woman, the U.S. propaganda Xindie, mounted the top of the Empire State Building in New York. In the United States, Susan was also a guest of the "Today" program, she performed in New York, Rockefeller Plaza, stir audience. She said she was the album cover of the Madonna of the "wait and see" is sang those who had bullied her at school, people listen. "I want to use this song to convey my feelings because I was often bullied at school. You when I was small I can do for me, but you can no longer do for me. Now I have grown up."

At the same time, Susan's a personal special program, "I had a dream: Susan Boyle's story" will debut on American television. The one-hour documentary, it was produced by featuring Simon Cowell, will review her from obscurity to the extraordinary world-famous course. The film will be held December 13 broadcast in the United States.

Although the royalties on album sales flourishes, but Susan did not intend to move out of the current residence, and now she and pet cats living in Scotland lothian co Pei Bosi Black city of a unified government building. Reporter Tu Chen Xin