Robbie - Williams denied the engagement of air marriage proposal is just a joke claim

BEIJING, November 30 Xinhua English singer Robbie. Williams clarified that he is not engaged with his girlfriend Aida. While on the previous day, he was on the radio to marry his girlfriend.

Robbie told ABC radio yesterday, the visit, the host, said to Robbie, there are a lot of celebrities were presented in Sydney in courtship. Robbie was also broadcast live immediately opposite the girlfriend Aida, I was so in love you, are you willing to do when my fiancee? Aida smiled and replied, very willing.

Broadcast Not long after that, his agent in London, hastened to explain, Robbie air marriage proposal is a joke, not really.

However, one disturbing is that Robbie's mother, then to the British media that his son intends to marry a few days with his girlfriend. The popular singer in Europe in the end engaged yet? Last Robbie said on its Web site, Hey, you, I have not engaged.