Jackson bodyguards MJ masks asking price to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars


Jackson appeared during his lifetime often mask costume

LOS ANGELES Beijing November 30, according to Hong Kong media reports, Michael - Jackson (MJ) during his lifetime trusted bodyguards dead Eric recently made an attempt to wealth, in order to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars used masks MJ died the night before.

MJ's collection always has a price that Urban, MJ, when the first jump the moon dance wear white gloves, the earlier it with 35 million on the auction bid by Hong Kong businessman, but did not expect some people would die the night before to sell used MJ the black silk mask.

United States, "News of the World" received a Los Angeles businessman line report that MJ bodyguards Eric Muhammad attempted to sell the mask, then arrange to meet and secretly photographed the process. Eric met with the undercover agents, from a plastic bag and took out a mask, he said: "This is his thing, you are welcome to go testing DNA. Mask still mount his make-up, and his smell." Drive to send the original Eric MJ see three children to the hospital after being rescued his father and secretly placed in the car put away the mask.

To prove himself and MJ familiar, Eric refers to MJ to go out to the concert rehearsal on weekdays, when the first one is to see him, also pointed out that MJ played his three children affectionately playboy to do "big only E". Eric said that the mask makes sense for him, at first the lion's opening bid 200 thousand U.S. dollars, later cut prices to 15 million (approximately one million yuan).

Eric blamed MJ's death is its own doctor to Muri negligence, Eric is estimated that Muri to MJ after drenching oversleep, that makes MJ lost to save. Ironically, Eric refers to MJ is very loyal to their own right, certainly not to the media Pu material. (Lili / text)