You put me, heartbroken after


Did you know that

You take me for

To the broken through and through

In particular, I want to hate you


Do not know why

恨不 up

Do not say you are sorry I am

No one who is sorry

Who does not cherish the only who is

Is still used to the feeling of being loved



In this hustle and bustle of the city

You and I also pass by

I will be paused

Turn it away Staring at the background of your

Told myself

The man → · · ·

I have loved

Why do I always pass by the well-being

Why am I thinking about when you

Only memories are always accompanied me

Leading to the well-being of the bus

Why is not waiting for me on the bus


Rose in full bloom quiet

Violet slowly fade

The spread of the weed alone

No repression

There are only taste

I am silent

Can sneak away

Withered is the real

In full bloom is only a past


Touched, is the brightest star

Will not find any of the flowers is the most beautiful

Miss the movie is the best looking

You lost

Is my favorite

I will always do not understand this principle

With a proud posture

To face the stage of life

I'm happy の


Fall again and again

But yet again after another Paqi

Standing on the ruins of loud singing


I find myself more and more like the winter


Er night long and short day


I think I'll have more time to escape

The grief you give

Want to go wandering footsteps

The heart is already tired

Want to dock a

I want to go fly the shadow

But the body are still hanging around on the floor

Refused to leave

I want to camouflage smile

But the tears

Does not live up to expectations is always the surrender

I am such a person

Do not you think so strong

I will cry

Will be injured

If you are lonely chest

Is not a place where I rely on

I will go

I will slowly leave you

Slowly left the sad place

I missed the bus stop forever

Also missed the well-being of

Starting today

I would give up all

Looking for a called

Heaven where

All previous

Just for you

You know

ωǒ Xin ← →


Tell me

Do you loved me

I asked God: How can I forget you while laughing while

God said: get mad himself

I will probably be followed by the passage of time

Forget your good

Forget you give me 13 days of happiness


In heart


You will always have a

Always remember the happiness you give too

Always remember you had given everything all

I wish you happiness