I thought, you will know how to

Wayward I always thought you would understand, but either before or now, but you never seem to not understand that too.

I do not know what in upholding and did not know you are thinking, as if all this out of my life of our original track. I was still the same fool is looking forward to one day will return to the original track, going back to the kind of tenderness.

Do not know why just want you to care, I just want you give a gentle, but they were always separate their own kind of tired. Insist on their own too it? Really do not know, you say nothing, so I feel Hao Fan, I never did so before, now he felt like a madman-like, no direction, nothing, leaving only the next person waiting for The loneliness, the loneliness.

I do not know why become like this, and now life seems so much more stuff, let me see the direction in front of unclear and could be brought back but unfortunately the kind of moved on, I was on the locked doors to the mind a window, the courage to face so many Zaiqu.

The wind still remain in place, I thought it would disperse the faint thoughts, but it is also not less.

I do not know what memories still remains, only occasionally faint heart will feel the pain, pain to want to make tears come out have become a luxury.

Listening to your favorite melodies, quiet looking at your appearance, everything became quiet a lot. I just hope that one day you will understand, you will understand me, but it seems very difficult to like.

Sometimes I really want to intoxicate themselves with alcohol, but I can not, because I am afraid you will be angry, worried, so I rarely touch alcohol, but also because you and I can once again love the taste of alcohol, like the kind of like drunk non-drunk feeling, a bit woodenly, but the heart like a taste of great frustration in life, so will be quiet at that time a person's tears.

This feeling you'll never understand, because you never work hard to understand me, if it is so faint, Ye Hao, do not let me feel that you are still concerned about, do not let you know I thought he knew of.

Therefore, the strong do not want you to do as I am concerned, whether happy or sad I just want to know that your first one, but often the contrary, you are either the last one to know, or they never know, even I have decided to leave, too, These you will never understand the same.

I thought, you will understand; I thought, you will understand; It turned out that only I thought only.