Your "ruthless" Let me become ruthless

Each time that you own, and I did not point to anything to do, but when I see you QQ on the involuntary into your space, to see how you've kind, now do has changed, then went into the side of those who I know do, you will always be people around the focus of everyone's eyes are always watching you.

When I saw you now when I have to recognize it, that I had possession of all her become better familiar with ah! Whenever I see pictures of you my heart as if something was stuck in there, it seems a good sad cry, tears in the eyes began spinning, I endured it from flowing down, because I can not sad because I can not hurt, and now that I was not in order to not feeling it? I have to give up all, I am a cold-blooded person.

Why do I have a strong and ruthless in front of you was just as vulnerable, in front of others unbreakable strong and ruthless in front of you on a photo you can destroy my fortress, I have no disguise in front of you, only you heartbroken in heart, you Wanyan persons and objects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Like to find someone to replace you, but why I hold on other girls but my mind was thinking, when you kissing girls lips when it why did not the same as your heartbeat, and that girls with when I stroked her body why I there is no point of her impulse to share, why you so you let me have forsaken me again. . . . . . .

See that more and more beauty you find our steady increase in the distance, each one of the boys around you than me good, and I was so ordinary that it's not outstanding, I know that the gap between me and you, you I can not always be climbing the "peak"

How a man's tears are worth Boyd said. . . . . . Flow more also. . . . . .

I hope you can find true love. . . . . . I bless you. . . . . .

I have become ruthless in order to not have feelings, because I do not believe the feeling.