I love you but never said

In such a gloomy lazy afternoon, listening to the songs, blowing wind ┅ ┅ ┅ looked out the window, some inexplicable trembling heart.

When the sun goes slowly cut a lonely again

Someone's heart began to hurt the

No love for a long long time to say goodbye

In this way can actually alive

You listen to lonely singing gently bitter

Is this song München cruel people can not help but Cry Me A River

Who says people can not be insisted happiness

Happy seems to get people to choose from

Can not find the person did not visit it?

I would be the Who's Who is me?

Listen to this song over and over, that husky voice of sorrow I could not help but cry. "I would be who, who is my" can often be who I want and who is not me. Therefore suspect that he is not in the fate of the reincarnation of the time the wrong bus ride, maybe I should get off at the next stop, you just waiting for me at the next stop. Or, I missed you ride this bus. Next stop, you will not wait for me? Perhaps, I do not what you have to wait for the person.

So, I love but you can never say.

Some roads are his choice, knows no results could still go on apodictic. I do not know themselves what they should uphold, is in love with love, still in love with you, maybe have a bar, but I can not tell you anything, for fear you more of a burden, Tim had trouble, so I forbear silent.

I tried to stick with, and never Say I Love You.

I know also that some things are not they can not give up, never forget, in fact, do not want to give up, do not want to forget, that can not just find an excuse for himself, a bit like a moth flying into the fire tragic, wanted to give himself space to remain a transcendent reality so that they are hiding inside, forever trapped in inside, he was wandering in his mind does not know the direction of the wilderness, the freedom of all to feel some flustered. Hesitate to look at flowers between the Whispering in somewhere listening to the voice of their own heart, your notes are sounded, you like a dancer, and completely forgetting the years of dance covered face, I can only quietly at your fingertips any time slide down to the sea, waves have not heard any response, I know I do not belong here. But I still hanker after, even if only to look at you standing here a long time.

Love you, but I can not say never.

Know that you want to travel, a few days in advance of your inquiries, sitting on that flight, and then that is waiting for your information, because miss, it issued a message to you, did not respond, know that you are busy, and then continue to view the phone is still there is no news, so gave up waiting, and finally once again found himself redundant, I have given, not what you need. Find themselves losing far more than the last is restrained.

Thus, even love you, I never said that.

Today, Monday, the first day you are gone, or habitually concerned with the information about you, online searching for the place where your temperature, your fortune today, Constellation, do not know when I actually began to blindly believe in it, and He He. I am a realist, previously did not look at this, do not believe this to. Now it has also concerned about the constellations and blood or something. Fast 10:00 a, etc. to your message, you say you feel better, I worry more. Since you choose to escape from the reality of a place like something, I think I do not bother you the best, make you a person a good think.

Still in the habit of going online search you now to reach places, weather conditions and local customs.

While countless times to remind ourselves that do not bother you, they still can not control myself not to worried about you. Which I have put my heart, to find a place keep up, telling himself there was a person to give me such a fit.

No matter where you are, never to Say I Love You.

Morning to do nothing, except to you. This manuscript knocked a couple of days, from yesterday, you go today, 写了些什么 I do not have a lot of courage to go back to read. Yesterday, my colleagues say that I am, these days to see how you are A few seen you so quiet, Oh, I say write something. Writing other people's stories when I always want more and beautiful words to decorate entire text, but write their own story when it found that no extra emotion to decorate the text, all text is feeling very pale, made not to convey his ideas. In fact, the final analysis, I have the right to choose to love, but no right to choose be loved, but unfortunately it is only natural.

Therefore, no right to choice, I love you, not to mention breaches.

I cried

You do not know


I'm not your mind.