Detective Conan" Movie Part 13 released on the eve of the introduction of Spring Festival

Popular in Asia animation work, "Detective Conan" Movie Part 13 - "Detective Conan 2009: dark Chaser" has formally recognized the introduction, planned for 2010, released in China before the Spring Festival, the film will be the first Department of landing the big screen domestic films of Conan. Reporter Chen Lingli

Forbes" named star at the box office appeal of Johnny - Depp won the first prize

Recently, the famous "Forbes" website Pingchu 9 Hollywood A-Star, "Captain Jack" Johnny Depp ranked list first, second place was Brad Pitt, the late actor Heath Ledger ranks third. It is worth mentioning is the largest ever won the Oscar nominated actress Meryl Streep is the highest ranked on the list of women, ranked fifth. (Wang)

North American Box Office Roundup: moon light eclipsed the strong rise in vulnerability

China news agency, Los Angeles, November 29 (Reporter Zhang Wei) - Hit at the box office last weekend with a record of the teen idols film "crescent" brilliance overshadowed this weekend, narrowly beating inspirational film "weaknesses" honors, the North American box office Champion.

This weekend coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday, and, like last weekend, "Twilight Town 2: New Moon" (New Moon), inspirational film "weakness" (The Blind Side) and disaster film "2012" still Tiaoda Liang. While the top three movie box office last week the same table, but the box office counter-balance the trend is quite obvious.

Peak Pictures products include "crescent" last week, heroic spirit, the first day of release maddening more than 72 million U.S. dollars, in one fell swoop refresh the United States premiere of the film in the history of Japanese box office records, and to 142 million U.S. dollars over the weekend at the box office in history Open draw the best performance, one of the three films.

Although the "crescent" released at the beginning by the female "fans" strong pitch, but fans of the film's rating is not high, poor word of mouth indicates that the momentum of the film aspiration payment can not be sustained. According to statistics, "crescent" 42.5 million U.S. dollars revenue this weekend than last weekend, slid 100 million U.S. dollars, plunged 70 percent, "crescent" Although a slight edge reelection chances at the box office champion, but has also become This year, the biggest decline in movie box-office one. However, the 50 million U.S. dollars investment in the "crescent" has been released two weeks pours earned so far in North America have been harvested and 230 million U.S. dollars at the box office, the global total of up to 360 million U.S. dollars at the box office, becoming the most box office peak Pictures film.

Was almost the "crescent" topple the release last weekend of inspiration, the movie "weakness." The film about the African orphans in foster mother Tausi Michael incentives and care, become an American professional soccer player's inspirational story. And the "crescent" corresponds to the "weakness" in fan holds a good reputation. This weekend, "weaknesses" potentially very strong, to be firmly installed in 40 million U.S. dollars at the box office number two, this achievement than we premiered over the weekend rose 18 percent, very rare.

Large disaster, "2012" through last week's collapse this weekend after a stabilized climb to 18 million U.S. dollars to keep third place. Release three weeks ago, the film in total global box office close to 490 million U.S. dollars, of which more than Qicheng from overseas.

The new comedy released this week, an "old guy" (old dogs) ranked fourth with 17 million U.S. dollars; Disney animated movie "A Christmas Carol" (A Christmas Carol) to 16 million U.S. dollars followed; from South Korean actor Jung Ji-hoon starring thriller "Ninja Assassin" (Ninja Assassin) to 13 million U.S. dollars at the box office table ranked sixth. (End)

Special effects master Richard - Taylor appeared in Chengdu with Oscars Cruncher


Special effects master Richard Taylor
Look, this is the famous Oscar Oscars! Yesterday afternoon, five Oscars in the famous special effects master Richard Taylor, the first time under the care Di Rong, with the attendant arrived there include "Lord of the Rings," "King Kong" in Hollywood, including props. However, explain this five Oscars exactly the same as the respective winners, and its owner Taylor said: "do not remember."

15:00, Richard Taylor and his entourage arrived in the hotel, five Oscars surprise from a homeopathic just leaping out of the black pocket, five Golden Boy Cruncher, so that the scene flash flash incessantly. Taylor said that in preparation for the "Outstanding Visual Effects Art Sheng Film Exhibition", and his Weta Workshop team spent five weeks time, the collection of its practitioners 23 years the most representative of the nearly 200 exhibits, the weight of a total of 7.5 t.

When asked which five Oscars were awarded when the films because of what Taylor actually alleging he himself was not clear, "the organizing committee was awarded to our Golden Boy, when are labeled above will be marked as Which award-winning films. However, I think that the reasons for winning is not important, Golden Boy is a symbol of highest honor. "As a result, Taylor, who tore off the label of each gold statuette, so that they do not the" name ", but Taylor said that there are four of them from "Lord of the Rings," one from "King Kong."

Morning Post Duan Zhen-Xiang Yu Photography

Conan Movie release Sudi confrontation before the Spring Festival as the highlight of

"Conan" Movie
"Dora A Dream" Theatrical films every two years, comic fans will be so, "Guo Bayin," while another classic cartoon, "Detective Conan" Movie Part 13 - "Detective Conan 2009: dark Chaser "has formally recognized the introduction, planned for 2010, released in China before the Spring Festival, will be the first country to the big screen landing the Conan movies. This time, tells the story in Tokyo as the center, there were six large-scale continuous killings. Film code-named "dark Chaser," the mysterious man in black gin, under irrigation, was a poison into a child makes Conan the culprit, so again against the two Sudi become the highlight of the film. At the same time, but also a dark organization since the first five, "the countdown towards the kingdom of heaven," after the second appeared in the Movie.

"Detective Conan" is the most popular of contemporary animation characters, one of Conan's image has been available since the first time, has published 66 monographs (China Publication 65), and each year since 1994, occupied the best-selling comic books in Japan, List The first five and the annual box-office top ten. Conan the beginning of this century, an official visit to China later became the first ratings are squeezed into the top ten of the cartoons. Statistics show that, "Detective Conan" is currently the largest circulation of comic books. (Off power system)

"Twilight City: Crescent" big hot werewolf Lott conquest Fox


Taylor - Lott (left) and Jamie - Fox (right)

LOS ANGELES Beijing November 30, according to foreign media reports, in "Twilight Town 2: New Moon" (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) of the premiere ceremony, and has never sought after girl Taylor - Trent Lott (Taylor Lautner) has again made the crowd crazy. But Taylor - Trent Lott's charm can not only deal with Qingdouchukai girls. The 17-year-old actor at last week's talk show, the audience talked back to him and an Oscar-winner Jamie - Fox (Jamie Foxx) have to say the story.

Taylor - Lott said: "In last year's" Twilight of the City "first premiere ceremony, I saw a lot of fans, have heard countless screaming. Suddenly I heard a very deep voice from behind me came, said, 'Taylor! Taylor!' and then the voice of the master came up to me, 'Hey! my daughter very much like you, I am also a fan of you. I can take a picture with you? I was Jamie - Fox.' Then I said, 'You're joking, right? I have always wanted to photograph it with you!'. "

"Twilight Town 2: The Crescent" in the United States time to premiere November 20, at present 200 million U.S. dollars has already broken box office. (Wormy / text)

Statement: from China, Sina exclusive articles, please reference reproduced.

DETECTIVE CONAN" During the year the name will be introduced to the silver screen detective first ascents in China


"Dark Chaser" Poster

Popular in Asia animation work, "Detective Conan" Movie Part 13 - "Detective Conan 2009: dark Chaser" has formally recognized the introduction, planned for 2010, released in China before the Spring Festival, the film will be the first Department of landing the big screen domestic films of Conan.

Conan has been available since the first images have been published 66 monographs (China Publication 65). In the domestic market, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea and other places also have a large number of loyal die-hard fans. Conan the beginning of this century, an official visit to China later became the first ratings are squeezed into the top ten of the cartoons, although the introduction of a total of just more than 100 sets, but the animated Conan is still many domestic TV channels repeatedly broadcast. In recent years, the classic animated image of the continuous landing the big screen, made a rapid rise and 3D animation films Rounds makes Conan films for domestic audiences look forward to unprecedented. This time, the series's first 13 Movie work "the dark Chaser" will officially become the first country to the big screen landing the Conan movies.

Since 1997, the official launch of The Movie "tipping skyscraper," every year since one of the "Conan the film" has been released 13 consecutive, while the film will release in the country's "dark Chaser" is the most popular of the series the one of 38 million domestic box office in Japan beyond the "crossroads of the maze" and "Phantom of Baker Street," topped the list.

Import large environment, more and more, "watching foreign language film must look at the original" has become the universal concept of movie-going audience. This time, "Detective Conan: the dark Chaser" will be in Japanese with Chinese subtitles and Mandarin dubbing acoustic versions of two are shown. In this regard, China film distributor side of the head of film distribution company, said for "Conan" Such a constant suspense detective movies, the perfect sound better able to highlight the film exciting story. The official also said the star has joined the national popular Chinese-language dubbing version of the film will be another major attraction. TONG Li -

Guinea pig A-Team

China Sina News reported that file into the New Year, the first large - Hollywood 3D animation, "guinea pig A-Team" was recently released, one from the five mice special forces teams consisting of the last to save the earth. This five mice, there is a ghost inside is actually in the film was only exposed the true face of the end, so that no thought of all the audience. During the exhibition of a film, a joint paper on the special video Yonghua International Studios launched a free viewing event.

The original movie by Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz and other big-name Hollywood voice actors, while the domestic from the Shanghai film dubbing studio dubbing. Consistent comedy style, authentic Chinese flavor combined with the plot, the film also used a number of contemporary pop vocabulary, small guinea pig will actually jumped out of his mouth, "My Sassy Girl", "Sister Lotus", "faded Mao I am Michael "and other funny language, humor and imagination.

Ma Yan's China Sina

Forbes, "Ping Chu Depp beat box-office appeal of a small cloth to top the list

Times News a few days ago, the famous "Forbes" (Forbes) Web site Pingchu 9 Hollywood A-star (Real A), Johnny Depp among the list first, followed in second, Brad * Pitt, the late actor Heath Ledger ranks third. It is worth mentioning that the largest ever won the Oscar nominated actress Meryl Streep is the highest ranked on the list of women, ranked fifth.

This list is based on you movie star at the box office over the past five years, the income and Awards selected out. Specific rankings are: 1. Johnny Depp (30 billion U.S. dollars), 2. Brad Pitt (26 billion U.S. dollars), 3. Heath Ledger (13 billion U.S. dollars), 4. Will Smith ( 2.4 billion U.S. dollars), 5. Meryl Streep (13 billion U.S. dollars), 6. George Clooney (10 billion U.S. dollars), 7. Amy Adams (900 million U.S. dollars), 8. Kerry Clive Owen (10 billion U.S. dollars), 9. Jake Gyllenhaal (700 million U.S. dollars).

Linguists to create a "Affan up to" an alien language for four years coinage 1000


Affan Da" stills

Morning News James Cameron's new film "Affan up" will soon release the film about a place in the distant outer planet Pandora's a beautiful tragic story. In order to film close to perfect, Cameron unavoidably every detail meticulously polished, and he even recruited linguists Fu Luomo for a special film of "Star America Na" and created a complete language system.

Fu Luomo is not entirely out of thin air to create, Cameron gave him a script prototype, which contains more than 30 "Na American" language vocabulary, although most of them are the names of the roles, but to understand Came Fu Luomo Lung want to What kind of a language (there is a sense of rhythm, fluid rich in appeal). Depended on this clue, Fu Luomo took four years to gradually explore the creation of a set of grammar rules and language has its own structure, you can use, and a complete language system.

Forming "Na American English" is a very gentle language, which drew Indians, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, linguistic characteristics, and some people felt like listening to Polynesian languages, and some people felt like a language in Africa , and some people feel like the German or Japanese.

"Na American English" not only will appear in the "Affan up" movie, the game will appear in the French film production company of the same name game. Fu Luomo hope "Affan up" can shoot and pass before the sequel, so he invented a language they can gain more exposure and use of theory to let others also came to the language, so that he can and others as "na American" language conversation, rather than to himself.

However, this language is not easy doctrine, or at least satisfied that beauty, "Nei Teli" voice of Zuoyizhaer Dana is so think, "learning the language difficult, and most of my energy is spent on something like that of the I think they simply can not get through. "To help actors theory" Na American English, "Hollywood's Cameron specially hired the well-known language to guide the division Meyer, she has helped," Air Force One, "Gary Lane Oldman learned Eastern Europe accent. With her, the language difficulties and finally been overcome.

Current "na American" language has more than 1,000 words, Fu Luomo also kept expanding, "Na American" language vocabulary, and will not stop after the film's release, in his words, he would always do their own did not the ending. (Small waves)

United States and even kissing in public Brokeback provoke complaints from television cameras will again protest against the deletion

China Sina reporter Lin Zheng

This year's American Idol runner-up Adam - Lambert had trouble again. He admitted yesterday in the American Music Awards show on the loss of self-control, his performances attracted rave thousands of spectators complaints. But the greatest controversy is not the Lambert male beauty with blond kissing in public, but ABC and CBS television stations this reaction. ABC canceled the invitation of Lambert, but Lambert CBS in an interview after the controversy over his lens blur treatment, the results of these moves, triggering protests from the U.S. gay organizations.

More than 14 million people on live television Sunday, watched the gay psychedelic rock singer in the American Music Awards ceremony near the end of performances. Lambert was a man Jiwen keyboard player, and to another performer's head down to his crotch. The ABC television network broadcast the ceremony were a large number of complaints, ABC in the "Good Morning America," and Wednesday's talk show had to remove the lens Lambert.

CBS rival ABC, who put the rock stars go to the "Morning News" program, in the program Lambert said he is not to provoke the audience, but he refused to apologize. "In the day's American Music Awards ceremony, there are many strong flavors, hot show, I am not the only one." Indeed, in the evening's program, Lady Gaga smashed a bottle of whiskey, Janet Jackson had interfered with the one male dancer's crotch, but Eminem is endless singing about rape, sexual harassment RAP.

"I admit that I did lose their senses, I saw a man offended, but that is not my intention." Lambert said, "If it is a popular women's movement on stage, I think it does not will cause so much anger. I think this is because I was gay. "

Lambert justified for their own defense. "New York Times" to "public standards or double standard?" As its theme commented on the incident. Commented that the people on TV all day can see adult-oriented images, it is rarely any criticism, but surprisingly some of the screen, or stepped on a public nerve when the situation is completely different.

Homosexual acts between women are not as hot gay so outside criticism. Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Awards ceremony on the tongue while kissing has become a hot topic of discussion, but did not because the network broadcast some of these lenses and have been complaints from viewers.

Play of the lens to be subject of the complaint, but does not broadcast is also being protested. CBS "Morning News" broadcast Lambert blurred men kissing video, did not expect to do so resulted in the site's own troubles. Gay rights organizations to condemn the hypocrisy of CBS, because the Madonna and Britney Spears kissing clip has not been broadcast added.

CBS said the problem is very difficult. CBS News spokesman said: "Madonna's public image has been known, in her morning show appearance rate is considerably high. Lambert's image in the present there is considerable controversy, is not suitable for large-scale dissemination of Therefore, we all know, this is still a reasonable result. "

To break 09 world records Xindie selling album Aunt Susan

Susan - Boyle Aunt

PRC this year's "Genius of England show" The biggest surprise - 48-year-old "Tian Laicun women," Aunt Susan Boyle created a miracle! This week, Susan's new album, "I had a dream," the first day of worldwide distribution, the company sold 13 million copies to create the world's singers at this year's first day sales record of sub-plate. This figure compared with the Top 5 album this week, the other four albums combined.

In fact, before the official release, the album has broken the Amazon pre-sale record in the history of the world's highest. "I had a dream," is expected to be sold before this weekend, 400,000, is likely to become the fastest-selling album this year. This year, the record is currently being maintained by the boy band JLS, their self-titled album earlier this month at sub-sold more than 23 million copies worldwide. According to the current rapid sales momentum, Susan Aunt of this achievement, integrity directed at leona Lewis created by the first week debut record away. Two years ago, Lewis's first album, created in the first week sales of 375,872 of the alarming figures. "People of all ages seem to buying the album, apparently it will be necessary this year's Christmas gift one." HMV video store Genaluoka Starr say any more.

As this year's "Genius of England Show," runner-up, Susan said she finally realized the dream of issuing their own album. "No matter who, anyone who dares to pursue their dreams, happiness is waiting for him in front of it!" Earlier this year, nothing to boast of her courage to board the "genius of England Show" stage, wore well-known poison tongue judge Simon test Will ridiculed the pressure to a 经典音乐剧 "Les Miserables" in Fantine sings songs, "I had a dream of the" Stunning 4, fame. The video has been competing with her on the Internet, sometimes touched countless people all over the world.

Susan remake oldies music companies to seize the selling points of fame for her launch a full cover of the classic songs from the album consisting of a total of 12. These include rural and popular classic song "Armageddon", the classic Christmas song "amazing grace," "Silent Night" and the jazz song, "Cry Me A River", etc. Then there is first touched the world, "I had a dream."

When the astonishing record of birth, the old one woman, the U.S. propaganda Xindie, mounted the top of the Empire State Building in New York. In the United States, Susan was also a guest of the "Today" program, she performed in New York, Rockefeller Plaza, stir audience. She said she was the album cover of the Madonna of the "wait and see" is sang those who had bullied her at school, people listen. "I want to use this song to convey my feelings because I was often bullied at school. You when I was small I can do for me, but you can no longer do for me. Now I have grown up."

At the same time, Susan's a personal special program, "I had a dream: Susan Boyle's story" will debut on American television. The one-hour documentary, it was produced by featuring Simon Cowell, will review her from obscurity to the extraordinary world-famous course. The film will be held December 13 broadcast in the United States.

Although the royalties on album sales flourishes, but Susan did not intend to move out of the current residence, and now she and pet cats living in Scotland lothian co Pei Bosi Black city of a unified government building. Reporter Tu Chen Xin

Robbie - Williams denied the engagement of air marriage proposal is just a joke claim

BEIJING, November 30 Xinhua English singer Robbie. Williams clarified that he is not engaged with his girlfriend Aida. While on the previous day, he was on the radio to marry his girlfriend.

Robbie told ABC radio yesterday, the visit, the host, said to Robbie, there are a lot of celebrities were presented in Sydney in courtship. Robbie was also broadcast live immediately opposite the girlfriend Aida, I was so in love you, are you willing to do when my fiancee? Aida smiled and replied, very willing.

Broadcast Not long after that, his agent in London, hastened to explain, Robbie air marriage proposal is a joke, not really.

However, one disturbing is that Robbie's mother, then to the British media that his son intends to marry a few days with his girlfriend. The popular singer in Europe in the end engaged yet? Last Robbie said on its Web site, Hey, you, I have not engaged.

Aunt Susan again denied that the collapse of abnormal behavior purely comedy show


Aunt Susan comedy show

BEIJING, November 30 due to power talent show "Britain over" and a gun but denied the collapse of the red Aunt Susan. Recently, Aunt Susan, when the show suck fingers suddenly tears, raising fears that the collapse of her again. However, she denied the rumors in an interview that suck the fingers in response to their career stage like a newborn baby, pure comedy.

The day before yesterday she was in Scotland at the door greeting fans dressed in pajamas and robe, even the trash is also notable because the strong sales of its Xindie expected to Britain about half a million first week of sale, will break the band Coldplay's "X & Y "album, becoming the last decade the fastest selling disc album. Her neighbors, she Xindie explosion a week ago, they launched themselves at home wild Xindie nuisance.

Jackson bodyguards MJ masks asking price to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars


Jackson appeared during his lifetime often mask costume

LOS ANGELES Beijing November 30, according to Hong Kong media reports, Michael - Jackson (MJ) during his lifetime trusted bodyguards dead Eric recently made an attempt to wealth, in order to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars used masks MJ died the night before.

MJ's collection always has a price that Urban, MJ, when the first jump the moon dance wear white gloves, the earlier it with 35 million on the auction bid by Hong Kong businessman, but did not expect some people would die the night before to sell used MJ the black silk mask.

United States, "News of the World" received a Los Angeles businessman line report that MJ bodyguards Eric Muhammad attempted to sell the mask, then arrange to meet and secretly photographed the process. Eric met with the undercover agents, from a plastic bag and took out a mask, he said: "This is his thing, you are welcome to go testing DNA. Mask still mount his make-up, and his smell." Drive to send the original Eric MJ see three children to the hospital after being rescued his father and secretly placed in the car put away the mask.

To prove himself and MJ familiar, Eric refers to MJ to go out to the concert rehearsal on weekdays, when the first one is to see him, also pointed out that MJ played his three children affectionately playboy to do "big only E". Eric said that the mask makes sense for him, at first the lion's opening bid 200 thousand U.S. dollars, later cut prices to 15 million (approximately one million yuan).

Eric blamed MJ's death is its own doctor to Muri negligence, Eric is estimated that Muri to MJ after drenching oversleep, that makes MJ lost to save. Ironically, Eric refers to MJ is very loyal to their own right, certainly not to the media Pu material. (Lili / text)

China-EU Summit opens in Nanjing


China and European leaders meet today for a one-day summit. "China-EU relations should advance in a more strategic, comprehensive and stable fashion," said Wen in a press release. Wen: Demands on RMB appreciation unfair Trade probes will not have long-term impact on China' Time not right for stimulus policy exit

Rescue halted with 16 still trapped in colliery flooding

CHANGCHUN: Earth filling work in attempt to rescue 16 trapped miners in a flooded coal mine has been suspended in northeastern China's Jilin province, as the site was in danger with a possible new cave-in, rescuers said Sunday.

The flooding took place at about 1:55 pm Friday after a cave-in at Zhonghe Coal Mine in Meihekou city, trapping 16 miners underground.
New crevices have emerged, which pointed to probability of a new cave-in at the accident site. This halted rescue work and rescuers are considering new measures to reach the trapped.

On Saturday, rescuers used about 10 excavators to fill the cave-in nearly one kilometer away from the mine entrance, aiming to prevent more water coming out of drift sand.

"The rescue is extremely difficult this time,"said Jia Changjiang, a coal mine rescue expert at the scene.

Among the trapped, 15 were local residents of Meihekou city and one native of Dongfeng county of Jilin.

The coal mine was licensed and run by the Zhonghe township with an annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes.

Bird's Nest to woo winter sports fans

The Bird's Nest may have been built for last year's Summer Games but Beijing's stunning Olympic stadium will soon be targeting fans of winter sports.

As temperatures have begun to drop in recent weeks, so too has the number of visitors to the 80,000-seater venue, which cost 3.6 billion yuan ($527 million) to build.

And, fearing another harsh winter, National Stadium Co Ltd, which owns the Bird's Nest, on Sunday unveiled ambitious plans to spend 50 million yuan on a spectacular "snow festival".

From Dec 19, visitors will be able to pay 120 yuan to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, among other things, on its newly constructed slopes.
The Bird's Nest may have been built for last year's Summer Games but Beijing's stunning Olympic stadium will soon be targeting fans of winter sports.

As temperatures have begun to drop in recent weeks, so too has the number of visitors to the 80,000-seater venue, which cost 3.6 billion yuan ($527 million) to build.

And, fearing another harsh winter, National Stadium Co Ltd, which owns the Bird's Nest, on Sunday unveiled ambitious plans to spend 50 million yuan on a spectacular "snow festival".

From Dec 19, visitors will be able to pay 120 yuan to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, among other things, on its newly constructed slopes.

Wanted American gets 3 years in China

An American wanted for eco-terrorism attacks in the United States has been sentenced to three years in a Chinese prison for making illegal drugs.

Justin Franchi Solondz, 30, was sentenced on Friday at the intermediate court in Dali, Yunnan province, said an official who only gave his surname as Zhao.

Solondz was indicted in California and Washington state in 2006 in connection with a series of arsons attributed to "the family", a group of radical environmentalists aligned with the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts, between 1996 and 2001.

The US has no extradition treaty with China and it is not immediately clear when or how Solondz might be returned to the US to face charges, Mark Bartlett, the first assistant US attorney in Seattle, Washington state, said on Saturday.

The US Justice Department has informed Chinese officials that it remains interested in prosecuting Solondz.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security was not available for comment on the issue yesterday.

The man's father, Paul Solondz, said his son pleaded guilty last month.

Paul Solondz said his son was arrested in China during a drug sweep in March.

Authorities later found

15 kg of marijuana leaves buried in the courtyard of a home he rented.

Investigators heard little of Solondz after his 2006 indictment and the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a $50,000 reward late last year for information leading to his arrest.

At the time, the agency said he might be in Canada, Europe or Asia.

This year he surfaced in Dali, using a fake Canadian identification and an altered appearance, Bartlett said.

Paul Solondz said his son did not escape the US to avoid prosecution and entered China with a valid visa, renewing it twice.


Reporters face charges for mine coverup

Ten journalists and nearly 50 officials are facing prosecution after a State Council probe found they allegedly took bribes to cover up a mine disaster in Hebei province.

Thirty-four miners and a rescuer died after the explosion at the Lijiawa mine in Yuxian county on July 14 last year, three weeks before the start of the Beijing Olympics.

According to the allegations, mine bosses relocated bodies, destroyed evidence and paid the journalists 2.6 million yuan ($380,000) to cover up the disaster, Xinhua News Agency said.

Relatives of the dead were kept quiet thanks to large payments and threats, it said.

The coverup kept the tragedy from the public eye for 85 days.

The identities of the 10 journalists has not been made public but reports claim Guan Jian, a Beijing journalist from China Internet Weekly, is among them.
Guan was detained in Shanxi province in December and went on trial in April for taking bribes from officials in Yuxian county in the aftermath of the mining accident.

The prosecution said the Yuxian county government paid 250,000 yuan for two pages of advertisements, as well as a "subscription fee" of 30,000 yuan to his newspaper.

After receiving the money, Guan destroyed a tape of the tragedy, the prosecution said.

The central government has also pressed charges against 48 officials, including the mine owners, the county chief, work safety officials and police officers in connection to the coverup.

The incident is the latest in a series of journalistic scandals in China.

In August, a journalist from China Central Television was sentenced to three years in prison with a four-year reprieve for accepting a bribe in Shanxi province.

In May, Beijing reporter Fu Hua was charged after he allegedly accepted money from whistleblowers with a tip-off on airport construction quality.

And last year, two journalists and 26 people posing as journalists were involved in a scandal in Shanxi after a worker was killed in a mine accident and bribes were allegedly paid.

Mistakes in reporting and fake news are bound to happen in the reporting business, according to Yu Guoming, vice-dean of the School of Journalism and Communication at the Renmin University of China.

These problems can never be eliminated, only "maintained within a reasonable boundary", to better enable the media to serve the fundamental benefits of society, Yu said.

A revised code of professional ethics for journalists was just released by the All-China Journalists Association on Friday.

China Daily

One-night stands accepted,few practice

More than 70 percent of 5,000 students from 10 universities in Beijing are accepting of one-night stands, according to a government survey released over the weekend.

The university students were asked about their sexual knowledge and attitudes between 2007 and 2008. However, while 73 percent of respondents said they could understand why their classmates might have a one-night stand, the number of students putting theory into practice was significantly lower.

"Only 7.9 percent of the students surveyed say they would actually try it," said Peng Yuhua, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Population and Family Planning that conducted the survey.

Peng said students are forming more diversified views on sex and marriage as Chinese society changes.

"I think it is just a physical need and I don't mind if my classmates want to have one-night stands," said a student surnamed Zhou from the Renmin University of China. But like most respondents, Zhou said he would not try it personally.

The survey also noted that as many as 5 percent of female college students were either mistresses or had sold sex during their period of education.

According to Zhou, four of her former high-school classmates now studying in Beijing are current mistresses of businessmen.
But aside from these relaxed sexual attitudes, a lack of sexual knowledge and protection are causing problems on campuses.

The survey revealed that more than 11 percent of students are at risk of contracting sexual diseases like AIDS because they do not use contraception.

Peng said that female students were often unaware of becoming pregnant and were seeking out abortions as late as 4 months into pregnancy.

The Beijing municipal government has sent out about 800,000 sexual health education books entitled College Students' Affection Stories to 92 universities in Beijing this year.

This is the first time the government has published a book relating to student sexual health.

The Beijing municipal government started a ten-year plan for health in August this year that includes sexual health education.

Infected dogs 'no threat to humans'

Health experts in China have assured pet-lovers they need not panic following the discovery of two dogs infected with the deadly H1N1 flu at the weekend.

The animals were diagnosed in Beijing and, while it is possible for pets to transfer viruses to their owners, scientists said there is no evidence to suggest pets are already spreading the illness.

"If animals can get infected from humans, then the reverse is also true," said Feng Zijian, director of emergency response for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

"But there is no need to panic in this case."

He explained that so far, across the world, the virus has only been passed from humans to pets.
However, if the virus spreads among dogs, it could potentially be passed on when the animal sneezes or through its waste.

"Only when the virus mutates within dogs will it be a new threat to humans," Feng said.

The virus found in dogs in Beijing was a 99-percent match for the flu currently infecting humans, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, which announced the canine infection on Saturday but did not elaborate on the breed.

"The role of dogs in the virus' mutation is still unknown. However, pigs provide a better environment for virus mutation," Feng said.

"Pigs are regarded as the gene mixer."

The canines, which were probably infected by their owners, are contagious to other dogs, an expert at the Beijing Agricultural Bureau told Beijing Times on Saturday.

On Nov 19, four pork samples tested positive for H1N1 at a slaughterhouse in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang province. The animals were also infected by humans, according to reports.

Meanwhile, as China rushes to vaccinate people against the flu, the H1N1 virus is picking up speed.

Eight infected children are in critical condition at a hospital in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. Two of them, aged 9 and 11, have been diagnosed as brain dead.

"I believe the H1N1 virus led to white matter lesions in the children," said Li Chengrong, president of Shenzhen Children's Hospital, who added that the illness attacks the nervous system and can cause dementia, coma and even death.

He said parents should pay close attention to a child's mental state if they become ill.

Symptoms include delays in responding, incoherence in speech, restlessness and insomnia.

"Once a child starts to convulse or goes into a coma, it's too late," Li said.

China, EU to promote trade and investment

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (C), European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (R) and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency, pose for a group photo during the 12th China-EU summit in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, Nov. 30, 2009. The 12th China-EU summit began here Monday morning.[Xinhua] More photos on China-EU Summit

NANJING: China and the European Union, in a joint statement issued Monday, vowed to step up efforts to promote trade and investment and increase effective market access.

The statement was issued on the sidelines of the 12th China-EU Summit held in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province in east China.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the meeting with President of the European Council and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

The two sides shared the view that economic and trade ties between China and the EU were an important and integral part of the comprehensive strategic partnership, said the joint statement.

They agreed to step up efforts to promote trade and investment and increase effective market access in order to deal with the economic crisis. The European Union appreciated the efforts of China to undertake trade and investment promotion missions to Europe.

In the statement, leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue (HED). China and the EU agreed on the importance of using all avenues to expand economic openness and reform in their relationship and in their respective economies to ensure an open, stable and predictable environment to create business opportunities.

The joint statement said China and the EU would seek to facilitate trade and investment among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and explore possibilities of cooperation in other areas, including trade finance and technology trade.

Both sides would work together to enhance trade and investment opportunities arising from the move towards a green economy. In this context, both sides welcomed the fifth China-EU Business Summit and its focus on the "Green Agenda: Sustaining Growth Beyond Recovery."

They agreed that efforts to stimulate demand should be based on transparency and non-discrimination. They recognized the importance of open and non-discriminatory government procurement policies and agreed to pursue efforts to increase exchanges in this field.

The EU expressed support for China's efforts to accede to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and encouraged China in its preparation of a revised offer, the joint statement said.

The two sides commended the important role of the previous three G20 Summits in tackling the global financial crisis, and supported G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation focusing on world economic, financial and development issues.

They agreed to work with other countries and regions to build a fair, just, inclusive, stable and resilient international financial system, and to support the sustainable growth of economies in their regions and the world at large, not least by fighting all forms of protectionism, keeping open and free trade and strengthening support for developing countries.

They agreed to further strengthen international financial regulation and intensify cooperation and coordination of their macroeconomic policies.

Leaders welcomed the discussions in Nanjing on Nov. 29 between the representatives of the euro-zone and the Chinese authorities on macroeconomic policy issues, the joint statement said.

The joint statement said leaders expressed their determination to work to conclude in 2010 the negotiations on the Doha Development Agenda and their commitment to an ambitious, comprehensive and balanced agreement.

Both sides believed that closure of the Doha Round should be consistent with its mandate and on the basis of progress already made, and called on all WTO members to work to close the Round in 2010.

I thought, you will know how to

Wayward I always thought you would understand, but either before or now, but you never seem to not understand that too.

I do not know what in upholding and did not know you are thinking, as if all this out of my life of our original track. I was still the same fool is looking forward to one day will return to the original track, going back to the kind of tenderness.

Do not know why just want you to care, I just want you give a gentle, but they were always separate their own kind of tired. Insist on their own too it? Really do not know, you say nothing, so I feel Hao Fan, I never did so before, now he felt like a madman-like, no direction, nothing, leaving only the next person waiting for The loneliness, the loneliness.

I do not know why become like this, and now life seems so much more stuff, let me see the direction in front of unclear and could be brought back but unfortunately the kind of moved on, I was on the locked doors to the mind a window, the courage to face so many Zaiqu.

The wind still remain in place, I thought it would disperse the faint thoughts, but it is also not less.

I do not know what memories still remains, only occasionally faint heart will feel the pain, pain to want to make tears come out have become a luxury.

Listening to your favorite melodies, quiet looking at your appearance, everything became quiet a lot. I just hope that one day you will understand, you will understand me, but it seems very difficult to like.

Sometimes I really want to intoxicate themselves with alcohol, but I can not, because I am afraid you will be angry, worried, so I rarely touch alcohol, but also because you and I can once again love the taste of alcohol, like the kind of like drunk non-drunk feeling, a bit woodenly, but the heart like a taste of great frustration in life, so will be quiet at that time a person's tears.

This feeling you'll never understand, because you never work hard to understand me, if it is so faint, Ye Hao, do not let me feel that you are still concerned about, do not let you know I thought he knew of.

Therefore, the strong do not want you to do as I am concerned, whether happy or sad I just want to know that your first one, but often the contrary, you are either the last one to know, or they never know, even I have decided to leave, too, These you will never understand the same.

I thought, you will understand; I thought, you will understand; It turned out that only I thought only.

Your "ruthless" Let me become ruthless

Each time that you own, and I did not point to anything to do, but when I see you QQ on the involuntary into your space, to see how you've kind, now do has changed, then went into the side of those who I know do, you will always be people around the focus of everyone's eyes are always watching you.

When I saw you now when I have to recognize it, that I had possession of all her become better familiar with ah! Whenever I see pictures of you my heart as if something was stuck in there, it seems a good sad cry, tears in the eyes began spinning, I endured it from flowing down, because I can not sad because I can not hurt, and now that I was not in order to not feeling it? I have to give up all, I am a cold-blooded person.

Why do I have a strong and ruthless in front of you was just as vulnerable, in front of others unbreakable strong and ruthless in front of you on a photo you can destroy my fortress, I have no disguise in front of you, only you heartbroken in heart, you Wanyan persons and objects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Like to find someone to replace you, but why I hold on other girls but my mind was thinking, when you kissing girls lips when it why did not the same as your heartbeat, and that girls with when I stroked her body why I there is no point of her impulse to share, why you so you let me have forsaken me again. . . . . . .

See that more and more beauty you find our steady increase in the distance, each one of the boys around you than me good, and I was so ordinary that it's not outstanding, I know that the gap between me and you, you I can not always be climbing the "peak"

How a man's tears are worth Boyd said. . . . . . Flow more also. . . . . .

I hope you can find true love. . . . . . I bless you. . . . . .

I have become ruthless in order to not have feelings, because I do not believe the feeling.

Desperate to leave the pain

Once so loved two people were volatile due to years of all kinds of things have become strangers ~ leaving only incomplete memories and can not be healed heartache never thought about ending it is like this, a heart to go another one lonely heart Why are sincere tears filled with sadness but can not be exchanged to pay away your footsteps?

Does not love does not love of nature with reason and logic

Once Haishishanmeng. Once had a love everlasting.

Once affectionate blink of an eye into an empty ~ let go and it really hurts it really hurts my heart even though I sound footing but still kind of painful effort ~

Talking about is useless talking about are not to retain that it can not pull your hand go forever.

Since you can not be pro-income pregnant even though I am worth of dismay, I only let go let go and it really hurts it really hurts my heart even though I sound footing but still kind of pain, effort

Your love has long been flee; your heart has long fly away, but I still do not know innocently, in waiting for?

What is also concerned about for you? Hey. . . Love and do not like to suffer the same. . . I wish to confirm or worry about your off you?

Really hope to be able to hear to see all Hello messages. . . .

Now I have no love to the former direction of no return, perhaps in the future can only be isolated to hide all the pain to pack them. .

Having just one would be online friends of her painful memories so that I can not forget, perhaps, love really have that big of mass destruction.

I tried to forget I would like to forget all the happy including you. I tried, I can not do.

You can kill me, but you can not kill my heart, and have a happy between us once.

Perhaps the feelings of this world there is such a tease; the more you care about the easier it is to lose. . . . .

I am passionate encounter unsympathetic to you; is bound to be a sad thing. . . . .

Cigarettes fell in love with matches; is bound to be a kind of hurt. . . . Perhaps the wind in relation to past Bar

The rain is over, whether you cry

Time unknowingly had a year, winter came again, cold days in Beijing, I do not feel the temperature of the body, I saw the endless shining white of the snow, a kind of speechless feeling that this snow into this Cities covered up, it seems that there is only one color - white

Memories emerge, a gust of wind blowing, I felt a Shu, wake up, it is only a memory, although they have been for so long, but it seems that occurred yesterday, miss, is a pain, emaciated people will recall, remember that as long as the we have a quarrel with each other will be an angry rain!

I said it was, is not heaven for us sad, but the rain after a quarrel, and we are still smiles on the faces, when the sky is so beautiful, the winter is also not feel cold, beautiful, when the snow was beautiful !

Now, I will not in fantasy, I will come out from the memories, although I know that I am in your heart that no one can replace the seats can not, though you know you are in my mind that seat, but I have too much pressure on so that we can not back!

You know what? Juan said, let me put our things to write in the log, I did not do it, you were married, I do not want to see your wife again and your trouble, though I hope that we return to the past, but let you and your wife had a falling out That is not what I want

Juan said that you and your wife is not how good, but I still have to bless you, after all, you have chosen, then they would make good on her, I will not disturb your life, rain so I understand, that is what you cry!

Chinese film "Mulan"


[Advertisement] VPS

The film "Mulan" Poster Country / Region: China
Title: Mulan [2]
English name: mulan
Type: costume / History
Producer: Song Cheng
Producer / Director: Jingle Ma
Producer: Wang Zhe, Song Cheng
Story / Screenplay: Zhang Ting
Photo: Zhang Liang
Art Direction / Costume Design: more than an
Action Director: Dong Wei
Music Director: Tan Dun
Music Director: Lee Shih Shiong, Li Wei Siong, easy home Yang, Xiao Ke, Zhang Yadong
Clip: Mr Kwong Chi Leung
Zhao Wei Hua Mulan ornaments
Kun decorated Wentai
Hu Jun decorated door alone
Xu Jiao decorative magnolia flowers
Jaycee Chan decoration charges tigers
Nicky ornaments HU Kui Lee
Liu Yuxin decorated Rouran Princess
Special Performance: VITAS (VITAS) decorated Singer
Chupin Fang:
Starlight International Media Group
PKU Starlight Group
Co., Ltd. Hunan Dianguangzhuanmei
Shanghai Film (Group) Corporation
One colt Pentium Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Paul Lieboner Beijing Film Distribution Ltd
Producers: Wang Zhe, Ni Ying, Long Qiu Yun, Ren Lun, Li, Yu Dong
Filming Unit: Starlight International Media Group
PKU Starlight Group
Co-produced by: Hunan Dianguangchuanmei Ltd.
Shanghai Film Group Corporation
Colt Pentium Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Paul libona Films Distribution Ltd
PKU Starlight Group
Filming Location: Yixian, Hebei, Gansu Yellow River Stone Forest, Yinchuan zhenbeipu film and television, Zhuozhou Film & Television Productions
Filming Date: February 15, 2009 to May 11, 2009
Release date: November 26, 2009 am (27 days)
One of the film songs
"Mulan Star" songs: Li Wei Sung, Yi Jia Yang Live: Zhang Liang Ying
Good width so lonely in this world very slow
Wild wolf on the street for whom it is
Loneliness is a species of blue to my heart diamond
Hear his shout look at the sky
So I cut the moon
Fired at my home place
Beating in the darkness as if the same ink
Which stars name is Magnolia
Let me recall for dinner
Swallow so many years of acid
Love-hate is a palm in the desert
Point of the story of the cave was forgotten
Many years ago I dressed in time for
Going against the wind came Yan Yin Shan
Film songs, 2
"Mulan feeling" songwriters: Lee Shih Shiong, Yi Jia-Yang Song: Stefanie Sun
I do not see the clouds of confusion in the sky flying
I listen to see a tear rolling battlefield buried
Who in the desert I forgot who I am
Who on this day is gray
Wake up sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro north wind
Hometown East Market yesterday, waiting for a horse who is
Iron clothes for you and me from a friend in the next to the broken heart
I asked the sky is white is black
A heart buried a few drops of tears
Life, love carry me forward flight
Remember that the beauty of heaven and earth in the
Sea world 1 ashes
I drink well water at home
It swallowed the taste of life and death
Let me past a glass of King
Said to myself no way back
Wake up sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro north wind
Hometown East Market yesterday, waiting for a horse who is
Iron clothes for you and me from a friend in the next to the broken heart
I asked the sky is white is black
Plot Overview
Northern Wei Dynasty, there's a little girl Jiao Hua Mulan [1] (Xu Jiao plays flowers magnolia), and his father spent arc had each other. Impact of childhood stolen by his father to practice martial arts, private school Stone Sentinel Maze, martial arts strength. Mulan (played by Zhao Wei) 18 years old, nomadic Rouran violated its border, military emergency, Wei universal conscription. Mulan's father could not bear to be on the old battlefield, then drunk father, defying military orders and quietly join the army for the parent.
Entering the barracks, magnolia superb martial arts, deputy battalion commander led Wentai (played by Chen Kun)'s attention. But the identity crisis is not a step by step approaching Magnolia ... ...
Man Taihe Mulan fought side by side win the war again and again, was promoted to be. However, the Magnolia's heart is not at all times to avoid a war. Coexistence, the two gradually Health affair. Mao Dun (played by Hu Jun) siege Jun Wei, seeing to the dead end of the stage, Wentai the sake of their love, to the overall situation, take the initiative to confess his own life experience Mao Dun mystery ... ...
Magnolia chase demobilization of soldiers, follow the footprints Wentai an arduous journey, she finally met his lover. Magnolia Thai Culture and returned to the court, much commendation. I thought lovers get married, did not think the emperor in order to stop the war, determined to make the text Taihe Rouran Princess and the pro ... ...
Behind the Scenes
"Mulan" in the February 10 start from the Star international investment. It is understood that the film will be a changed Hollywood cartoon-style approach, and writing an authentic legend of the hearts of people.
"Mulan" a strong cast, in addition to Zhao Wei and Chen Kun, the film's big villain - played by actor Hu Jun, who "Mulan" in playing the Xiongnu prince, and with Vicki Zhao Mulan, played by a play more than opponents. His film shape playoffs in those years was somewhat similar: an "elegant" and long hair, a loose robe. Chanyu Jaycee Chan and the "Dolphin Sound Prince" Vitas also did their utmost to join. According to Jingle Ma said, the Russian tenor Vitas mysterious foreign prisoners in the film played. "Mulan" will be held in Hebei Yixian's film base and desert location shooting. The "Mulan" soundtrack is a perfect lineup, from five well-known musician Zhang Yadong, Li Wei Siong, Lee Shih Shiong, Xiao Ke, Yi Jia Yang teamed. Jingle Ma version of "Mulan" is based on Yuefu lyrics of "Mulan" as the blueprint, however, in order to increase the worth watching, Jingle Ma is increasing Jaycee Chan, VITAS and other male roles at the same time, also arranged for a "flower Mulan" corner , and invited to the "Yangtze River on the 7th," there are excellent performances, Xu Jiao starred. At a press conference, Xu Jiao Renxiaoguida self-analysis that she would be elected who plays young Mulan is entirely because of his special will "Nvbannanzhuang", "Of course, I especially have a sense of justice is one of the reasons. At school, I always will protect other children from bullying. "Zhao Wei, said:" This role is for an actress not to be missed is an opportunity to play to their potential, to demonstrate their acting skills, I also I hope I can meet all of the creative ideal Mulan. "movie" Mulan, "directed by Jingle Ma, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Hu Jun, Xu Jiao, etc. starring side by side, time slots have been identified this year by the end of November or early December, pre-made 09 Lunar New Year stalls first film, the mainland market and insurance of 150 million at the box office. "
The film "Mulan" recently released by a bloody stills, the stills in the Northern Wei Zhao Wei soldiers dressed in suits, hand-held enemy head, eyes showing a trace of fear. Crew area, and many people complained to them that can not accept such a bloody photos, feel that there is no need to rely on the terrorist costume film scenes to Bo gimmicks, more worried about the audience and some very young women in the audience could not accept. Later, it seems, in fact not so bloody, Zhao Wei played the Magnolia fear the hearts of the most vividly.
Divides the lens when shooting the enemy, Zhao Wei has been spilling Manlianshixue. Zhao Wei said: "These are the use of blood CHUANBEIPIBA paste production, looking very scary, in fact, can also be licking, sweet."

Video News

Early release on the 27th on the national costume of the legendary giant system of "Mulan", as the New Year with the first film plus cast subject dual insurance, ushered in the first day box office grand opening, exhibition games sold out screenings. Break in one fell swoop, "2012" "Twilight City", "9th District," and other Hollywood movies tight encirclement. "Mulan" premiered the same day, UME Huaxing, Wanda cinema, Monica Joy Studios, Star America Studios prime-time games sold out, so that unexpected theater shouted the bounds of reason.


In May 2009 went to France to attend the Cannes International Film Festival, held in the film "Mulan" press conference, publishing the first trailers and posters, with the European countries to negotiate release
In June 2009 to participate in Shanghai International Film Festival, organized by Mulan Night thematic activities, publishing posters, citing the media attention
September 2009 Mulan's official website launched, the first of the theme music, "Mulan Star" release for the second trailer released
October 2009 went to Japan to attend the Tokyo International Film Festival, organized by Mulan Promotion Council, 人气 bursting, citing Japan and South Korea studios attention
October 2009 went to Mulan Shangqiu Yu County, Henan hometown to participate in Magnolia Festival
In November 2009 the film "Mulan" with the same name books and Original Soundtrack (OST) will be distributed nationwide.
November 2009 Mulan crew will go to the United States to promote Mulan, coveted by the North American market, promoting national culture
November 16, 2009 held on the movie "Mulan" Beijing premiere ceremony, but after a massive publicity campaign tour
November 26, 2009 "Mulan," released in Singapore
At 12:00 on the November 27, 2009 "Mulan" officially released the National

Singer Jay Chou Data


Chinese name: Jay Chou
Foreign Name: Jay
Nationality: Chinese
National: Han
Place of Birth: China Taiwan Province, Danshuei Township, Taipei County,
Date of Birth: January 18, 1979
Blood Type: O-type
Constellation: Capricorn
Occupation: singer, music producer
Brokerage Company: JVR Music Co., Ltd.
Representative works: nunchaku, East Wind Breaks, blue and white porcelain


China Taiwan Mandarin pop singer, famous musicians, music creator, composer, lyricist and producer, JVR Music owner of the company in recent years involved in the film industry. Jay is a post-2000 Asian pop music's most revolutionary singer-songwriter with the indicator, the "Asian pop star," said. Jay broke the emergence of Asian pop music long stagnation for Asian pop music turned a new page! Jay Chou biggest feature is that beyond the barriers of traditional Chinese-language pop music, and create new possibilities. His breakthrough in both Asian music (before 2000) the theme, format, integration of diverse musical materials, create a diverse song styles, especially in Western-style fusion of hip-hop or R & B genre's most well-known (such as the double stick, Dragon Punch), can be said to create a Chinese-language pop music, "China wind" of rebellion. Jay Chou in 2003 topped the U.S. "Time" magazine's Asian edition Cover! Jay is the second-mei, Ayumi Hamasaki, the first three appeared in the famous "Time" magazine cover of the Asian artists, but also the first Asian male singer to be so honored. Jay Chou in 2002 to 2008 Pa IFPI obtained good results with six consecutive six-year recording the highest sales of Mandarin, but also obtained for 8 consecutive years, sales of IFPI's top ten Mandarin album. Jay Chou is also 8 years in a row winner of Taiwan's record sales, according to IFPI statistics from 2000-2009, the total album sales of more than 2,000 in Asia, more than two million; in 2008, following artists from Taiwan Chang Hui-mei, Takeshi Kaneshiro, F4, serves as the U.S. news network CNN Talk Asia interview with objects. CNN Reporter specially came all the way to Taiwan, while the interview with Jay opened Mr.J located restaurant, the content of talk about Jay branched out into music, film achievements, China's wind music popular outside attention. About 30 minutes of interviews with Jay Chou whole answer in Chinese. CNN broadcast in September of that year to visit this section, saying that Jay Chou as: "a shy Asian heavenly king."
In November 2008, with "I'm busy," album has received, held annually in Morocco, "World Music Awards (World Music Award, WMA)" issued by "the highest selling singer (Greater China)", has not even been three ( 2006 "Still Fantasy", 2007 "I am very busy," 2008 "Capricorn"), to break the Song of God Jacky Cheung, two consecutive record; plus 2004 "Pungent", Jay has successively obtained Fourth World Music Awards.
Jay Chou in 2009 to enter the international, into the Hollywood film and began shooting "The Green Hornet," from an Asian superstars blink of an eye into a truly international star! [Edit this paragraph] ♫ ♪ Personal Data
Height: 175cm
Weight: 70kg
Zodiac: Ma (Lunar New Year by Lunar New Year)
Languages: Mandarin English Taiwanese will say a little
Nicknames: Jay, Chou guide, Xiao Zhou, Asia, one of the three major Musician, musical genius, the Asian kings, Jie Wang, Xiao Zhou Zhou (LIU Geng-hong to their nickname)
Occupation: Singer, owner, composer, lyricist and music companies, music theorists, music producer (Professional: Music sideline: boss, director, actor)
Status: King of Asia, the international well-known star
Education: Yamaha kindergarten, Chunghsiao primary, Jinhua States, Taipei County, Tamkang High School music department (music school affiliated)
In school majoring in music: Classical music
Majoring in school subjects: Classical piano, composer
Expertise: music, music theory, music composition, improvisation, production, composition, Xieci, arranger, Zi Bianzi guide, basketball, games, all kinds of musical instruments
Music types: R & B, classical, blues, jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese style
Music foundation: an early age to deal with the read music was born Western classical music, majoring in: Classical piano (Professional Performance Grade) Minor: Cello (Professional Performance Grade) favorite Chopin, Liszt's works
Specializes in musical instruments: piano, cello, accordion, flute, guitar, bass drums, drum, Konka drums, Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa, Mandolin, etc. (said to be 20 kinds of musical instruments and swordsmen)
Mantra: Oh ~ nice Oh, Man Cock, no 啦, No, no, it does not matter, not 啦, sauce ah
Custom action: two finger scissors posture, thumb cocked, his hands over his nose, clap
The biggest advantage: Stick to your own style, creativity
Biggest drawback: Old Love Wang Ci, personality Mo Naixing
Greatest wish: traveled to every corner of the world [2]
Excavation People: Chung-Hsien Wu
Experience: Tamkang Middle School choir piano solo, accompanied by public television - thyme fried fish (unit opera), music, street performers (role), TVBS-G Super Rookie of the Year runner-up
Family status: Jay Chou (an only child, her parents divorced, living with their mothers)
Chau's father (the physics teacher - retired), mother, Ye Huimei (secondary art teacher - retired), grandmother Ye Zhan A-mei.
Circle of Friends: Fang Wenshan, Mayday Oshin, Nan Quan Mama, Wilber Pan, JJ Lin, Show Luo, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Charlene Choi, SHE, Avril Lavigne, big S, little S, Angela, LIU Geng-hong, Ko-lun, Stefanie Sun, Fish Leong, Xie Na, Li Chen, Song Zuying, Gong Li, Chow Yun Fat, Chen Guanlin, Andrew Lau, Zhang Yimou, Yundi Li, GAO Jun-jie Hou, Jiang Hui, Kankan, Gui Lun magnesium, Eric Tsang, Jiang Yu Chen, Alice Tzeng, Anthony Wong.
Favorite sports: Basketball
Childhood dream: to be the same as kung fu superstar Bruce Lee and become world-renowned classical musician (pianist, a cellist)
Like the girl types: long hair, Dan Fengyan, filial piety, with classical beauty.
The best creative partner: Fang Wenshan (words) Huangjun Lang (word) ice cream (MV Dance) ZHONG China (Arranger) Hong Jing Yao (Arranger) Michael Lindsay (Arranger), Mr Wong Yu-hoon (Arranger) Duguo Zhang (modeling) Kuang-sheng (MV Queen's Director)
Film: Hayao Miyazaki cartoon film of any one
Hobbies: diabolos, playing instruments, practicing martial arts (practicing nunchaku), magic, open sports car, Lut puppy
The most popular items: cap, chewing gum, Hip Hop Hats
Collecting hobby: antique lamps, shoes, hats, Cock cars, antique cars, antique furniture, all kinds of musical instruments, all kinds of silver jewelry
Financial idea: give money to their families, their own to concentrate on doing a good job as long as the cause of financial resources is a natural thing rolling
Favorite music: R & B, HIP-HOP, classical, mashups, JAY-style love songs, Chinese style
Favorite cartoon character: Conan 哆 啦 A Dream
Favorite clothes: natural, comfortable, HIP-HOP (a simple T-SHIRT T-shirt with shorts), mask
Favorite color: blue, black
Favorite food: chicken lunch, steak, tomato scrambled eggs
Favorite drink: sweet can be
Favorite musician: Chopin, Mozart, Liszt, Yo-Yo Ma, Joe Hisaishi
Favorite artist: Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat
Favorite basketball player: MICHAEL JORDAN
Favorite singers: Jacky Cheung
Favorite idol: Chopin
Admire most promising artists: Hou GAO Jun-jie
Favorite genre: China's wind, R & B, blues, classical
The most annoying things: The paparazzi photographed
The most respected person: Mother (Ye Huimei), grandmother
Done Zuishuang thing: get rid of paparazzi
The most painful thing: genetic Ankylosing spondylitis
The most troublesome thing: want to do more and more, but time is never enough
Commonly used Action: Wuzui ~ ~ ~
The first lyrics of Creation: the song is "permanence"
The first winning record: Taiwan's TVBS-G "Super Rookie program" Year 1997 runner-up
First published in the first song: 3 Dusk on the 3rd
For the first time and love to see the movie: July 7 clear
[Edit this paragraph] ♫ music ♪

◆ Album

"JAY" [3], 2000 Nian 11 Yue 7 Ri
[4] 01 lovely woman
02 Perfectionism
03 Xing Qing
04 wife
05 Bull
06 Black Humor
07 Istanbul
08 Indian Old Turtle Dove
09 Tornado
10 in the opposite direction of the clock
"Fantasy", September 1, 2001
01 爱在西元前
02 Dad I am back
03 简单爱
04 Ninja
05 Kaibulekou
06 Shanghai 1943
07 Sorry
08 Weiliangubao
09 nunchaku
10 quiet
"Fantasy + Plus (EP)" 2001 Nian 12 Yue 25 Ri
01 snails
03 end of the world
02 you are happy than ever before
"Eight Dimensions", July 19, 2002

Eight Dimensions
01 Orc
02 Bandaotiehe
03 cypher
04 Dragon Fist
05 trains hundred places to go
06 leave (Taiwan version: splitting)
07 Grandpa bubble tea
08 return to the past
09 Milan, a small blacksmith
10 Last Battle
"Ye Huimei," July 31, 2003

Ye Huimei
01 Name of the Father
02 cowards
03 sunny
04 The Class
05 East Wind Breaks
06 you hear
07 同一种调调
08 of her eyelashes
09 Love cliff
10 terrace
11 pole
"Hidden Track EP" 2003 Nian 11 Yue 11 Ri
01 tracks
02 broken chord
"Common Jasmin Orange", August 3, 2004

01 of my site
02 Common Jasmin Orange
03 excuses
04 Grandma
05 General
06 stranded
07 Spring and Autumn Flurry
08 Replacement Suspect of the Big Dipper
09 garden
10 end the war of the War
"J III (EP)" 2005 Nian 06 Yue 26 Ri
01 drift
02 all the way north
"November's Chopin", November 1, 2005

November's Chopin
01 Nocturne
02 Blue Storm
03 hair like snow
04 black sweater
05 besieged on all sides
06 Maple
07 Romantic Mobile
08 Ni Lin
09 Maltose
10 Coral Sea
11 drift
12 all the way north
"Fearless EP" 2006 Nian 01 Yue 20 Ri
01 Fearless
02 Xian Shi (Cantonese live version)
"Still Fantasy", September 5, 2006
01 of Chapter VII of the night
02 mother's words
03 thousand miles away
04 Compendium of Materia Medica
05 back
06 Red-imitate
07 Xin Yu
08 White Windmill
09 Rosemary
10 Chrysanthemum Taiwan
"Golden Flower EP" 2006 Nian 12 Yue 12 Ri
01 Golden Flower
02 Chrysanthemum Taiwan
"Can not say the secret of the film soundtrack," August 13, 2007
01 can not say that the secret of
"I'm busy", November 1, 2007

I am very busy
01 Cowboy busy
02 Rainbow
03 Blue and White Porcelain
04 Sunshine Otaku
05 Dandelion conventions
06 Musou
07 Distance (formerly known as: I am not qualified)
08 tear
09 sweet
10 longest films
"Film Soundtrack Jam," January 18, 2008
01 weeks heroes
"Beijing 2008 Olympic Games song album," May 2008
01 mountains and seas
"Capricorn", October 14, 2008
01 Long Zhan Knight
02 give me a song of time
03 Snake Dance
04 Huahai
05 Mr. Magic
06 said yes happiness
07 Lan Ting Xu
08 wandering poet
09 Time Machine
10 Chalk Uncle
11 Daoxiang
"Long Zhan Knight (2DVD)" 2009 Nian Yue 20 Ri 1
1-1 Cowboys busy
1-2 Rainbow
1-3 Blue and White Porcelain
1-4 Sunshine Otaku
Dandelion conventions 1-5
1-6 Musou
1-7 I do not deserve
1-8 pull
1-9 sweet
1-10 The longest film
2-1 Long Zhan Knight
2-2 give me a song of time
2-3 Snake Dance
2-4 Huahai
Mr. Magic 2-5
2-6 that a good happiness
2-7 Lan Ting Xu
2-8 wandering poet
2-9 Chalk Uncle
2-10 Daoxiang
Painting sand (Yuan Yong-Lin and co-composer concert)
◆ other creative
3 Dusk on the 3rd, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Swing Say Goodbye "Jacky Wu's Taiwanese song"
Heart aloud words "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Singer is still happy, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Easily broken heart, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Acacia's ZvBox secret, "Wu's Taiwanese song"
Your happiness than ever, "You happy than ever,"
Roof "You're becoming more fun,"
Equilibrium point, "You happy than before,"
I put a person "you are becoming more fun,"
Sad tree "you are becoming more fun,"
Play tricks "off track"
Off track "off track"
I do not love the picture "off track"
Blind and deaf "Yongbaoankang"
Be careful along the way (the first wave of the new album singles)
Kankan (Kang Jung)
Tear "tear"
To leave you a last resort "tear"
A light bulb "tear"
Blade edge "realize their dreams"
A light bulb 2 "realize their dreams"
Time bomb "dreams"
SBDW jeer than honk Wow
End of the world "doomsday"
IMs as text "doomsday"
Normal "doomsday"
You take the "doomsday"
Not wish to "Wanne Fly"
La Mumsica "Wanne Fly"
You will get my heart "The Sixth Sense"
Love like this "sixth sense"
There are alley cats, "The Sixth Sense"
Fallen on deaf ears, "The Sixth Sense"
French leave "The Sixth Sense"
Big Dipper "and a bit wild"
Movable "a bit wild"
Tears to know "a bit wild"
Hell's Angels "Blue Rain"
Take the "Blue Rain"
Hot "Blue Rain"
Wish me Happy Birthday "warm-type effect"
Summer Wind "warm-type effect"
Even if not clear about how you "Lucky Number"
Say I Love You, "Watch me 72 change"
Prague Square "look at me 72 change"
Knight spirit "look at me 72 change"
Is love "The Castle"
Pirates "Castle"
Rewind "The Castle"
LIU Geng-hong
Lost tickets "Rainbow Heaven"
Heart heartache "Rainbow Heaven"
Spiritual war "Rainbow Heaven"
Love painting "Rainbow Heaven"
Legend of the Western Regions "Rainbow Heaven"
Tropical rain forest "Youth Co., Ltd."
Riverside Park, "Super Star"
Migratory Birds "ENCORE cries of"
Electric shock "Forever New + Best Selection"
Quiet "my radio station FM S.H.E"
Nan Quan Mama
Collapse, "Nan Quan Mama's Summer"
You like her "excellent の good song Southern engage children"
Bao Yibao "Baoyi Bao"
Fan Jian (Guangdong) "Baoyi Bao"
I love people, "Bao Yibao"
Erleng child "Baoyi Bao"
Must be happiness, "count your relentless"
Xian Shi (Cantonese) "operator you are relentlessly"
Rain sound "half-drunk half-awake"
In the end who is the Iraqi "red line"
Who love to dream fish "who love to dream fish"
Sister, are you asleep? "Unbeaten Lovers"
Strawberry quick expired, "posing as the angel"
Mask, "I love you × 4"
Mermaid "Vivi and ..."
Prohibition of grief "Zhenaiwudi"
Snail "Zhenaiwudi"
Day by day, "Zhenaiwudi"
Handwritten love "north latitude and 66 degree"
Black Rain "X"
Datong world "Without You"
Beings margin (Cantonese) "Without You"
Wangxue E
Who is the idiot "sliding to the left"
Love captured "a fool is me"
People who will not cry, "Good-bye my love"
Injured sweat "Goodbye my love"
Slow Song "Music is the answer"
I just can not afford to forget the "butterfly came to this world"
Looking for happy people "butterfly came to this world"
Rangers Ticket "Break Through"
War, "Please steal this album"
Enemy "because it is only me"
Out to "recognize the bar"
Jiang Yu Chen
My theme song "Sunny Doll"
I'm too good "Sunny Doll"
Romantic love "Sunny Doll"
Sunny Doll "Sunny Doll"
Was first included in the film "can not be said of the Secret" soundtrack li
Other singers (31)
Andy Lau pot of Nostalgia "Heaven opened,"
Jacky Cheung fortune-telling, "Senseio. Hot"
Aaron Kwok Love "my nation"
Leo Ku sky wizard "treasure hunt"
Wang Lee Hom Open Love "can not miss you"
Show Luo self-hypnosis, "Hypnosis Show"
Wilber Pan stand by your side "Bihumanbu"
Vic Chou I'm not F4 "I'm not F4"
Adu concession "Hello"
Li Wei clear sky (TV series "rapid Legend" theme song)
Lui Fong sad diagonally across from the "Dear Lui Fong"
Blackie Ko gentle bad man "re-conquer"
Kenny devil's poems, "Tao a new heavens"
Dikeniuzi sell heartbreaking "I do this, you do not love people"
Beautiful duet Moonlight "Splendid 3 Warmth"
CoCo Peking Opera Blues "Promise"
Chang Hui-mei, if you heard of "star"
Gigi Leung to their songs "to his own songs"
Joey small "small"
Annie Niannu Jiao "Princess A"
Tao Jingying two lonely "Youth"
Evonne Hsu Shi-water snake mountain god "myth"
Fish Leong amnesia and "kiss"
Angela Dear it is not love, "Ang 5.0"
Huang Junlang Girls Do not Cry for Me (film "can not be said of the Secret" soundtrack)
Tours Eddie Girl Power "i-D POWER"
Rui En white feather "ruien"
Xi Yan fashion industry "out of Yuxi Wang Wai"
4 in love fate "is more afraid,"
Twins associated relations "Yan-tung, then the phrase"
Wang Lan Fei lonely river, "Wang Lan Fei EP" (TV series "Chuanniang Wen Wei" Pianwei Qu)
Lin Chi-ling "Take Me to Fly" movie "thorn hills" theme song

McCartney made Xindie music next month to commemorate his late wife and teammates


Former "Beatles" and lead singer Paul McCartney's new live recording album "Good Night, New York" and the DVD will be officially released next month on the 7th. Week 3, McCartney in London, attended the promotion ceremony for this album. Activities the scene, the legendary music star said with emotion that he has been very missed all these years his late wife Linda and "The Beatles" in the two deceased members John Lennon and George Harrison, while the music it is themselves and their "reunion," an important link.
Former "Beatles" and guitarist George Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001, John Lennon in New York in 1980, was shot dead, while Linda was in 1998, died of breast cancer. "I miss George ... ... along with John and Linda." McCartney said, "through music, 'to see' their own way very well, I like it. You know it is a kind of emotional communication . This is a bit sad, very emotional. "
McCartney also pointed out that his song "Today at this time" is specially written by Lennon, whenever their own interpretation of the song, when his heart is always with emotion, so often unable to control their emotions.
McCartney also admitted that he is not suited to the business for when the stage performances, when facing the crowd, and even "panic", but now, his mind will be willing to express some thoughts. He "Today at this time" as an example, said: "I want this song to express my appreciation of John Lennon. I will say this in front of all strangers. This is a good thing. Perhaps the time in my 18 years of age I would not do this, because then I will not let himself cry in public. And now, everything is OK, I've grown used to these. "
It is reported that McCartney's new album, "Good Night, New York" will be included in New York in July this year, he evening performances of three songs.
In addition, the former "Beatles" drummer Ringo Starr's first 15 studio album "Y Not" will be officially released in January 2010. McCartney and Starr will also take the opportunity again to his personal record in this Starr's playing the bass for two songs, and as lead singer.
According to reports, their co-operation of the two songs called "Peace Dream" and "with me." Stahl said in an interview that he invited the McCartney when McCartney is participating in the Grammy Awards ceremony, and when he heard the full song After he leaves, the lead singer of the song re-recorded some of a bit. Starr marveled: "Paul served as lead singer of the song is really fitting." In addition, "with me" is also known as "It's like a between the two friends reminisced."