United States and even kissing in public Brokeback provoke complaints from television cameras will again protest against the deletion

China Sina reporter Lin Zheng

This year's American Idol runner-up Adam - Lambert had trouble again. He admitted yesterday in the American Music Awards show on the loss of self-control, his performances attracted rave thousands of spectators complaints. But the greatest controversy is not the Lambert male beauty with blond kissing in public, but ABC and CBS television stations this reaction. ABC canceled the invitation of Lambert, but Lambert CBS in an interview after the controversy over his lens blur treatment, the results of these moves, triggering protests from the U.S. gay organizations.

More than 14 million people on live television Sunday, watched the gay psychedelic rock singer in the American Music Awards ceremony near the end of performances. Lambert was a man Jiwen keyboard player, and to another performer's head down to his crotch. The ABC television network broadcast the ceremony were a large number of complaints, ABC in the "Good Morning America," and Wednesday's talk show had to remove the lens Lambert.

CBS rival ABC, who put the rock stars go to the "Morning News" program, in the program Lambert said he is not to provoke the audience, but he refused to apologize. "In the day's American Music Awards ceremony, there are many strong flavors, hot show, I am not the only one." Indeed, in the evening's program, Lady Gaga smashed a bottle of whiskey, Janet Jackson had interfered with the one male dancer's crotch, but Eminem is endless singing about rape, sexual harassment RAP.

"I admit that I did lose their senses, I saw a man offended, but that is not my intention." Lambert said, "If it is a popular women's movement on stage, I think it does not will cause so much anger. I think this is because I was gay. "

Lambert justified for their own defense. "New York Times" to "public standards or double standard?" As its theme commented on the incident. Commented that the people on TV all day can see adult-oriented images, it is rarely any criticism, but surprisingly some of the screen, or stepped on a public nerve when the situation is completely different.

Homosexual acts between women are not as hot gay so outside criticism. Madonna and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Awards ceremony on the tongue while kissing has become a hot topic of discussion, but did not because the network broadcast some of these lenses and have been complaints from viewers.

Play of the lens to be subject of the complaint, but does not broadcast is also being protested. CBS "Morning News" broadcast Lambert blurred men kissing video, did not expect to do so resulted in the site's own troubles. Gay rights organizations to condemn the hypocrisy of CBS, because the Madonna and Britney Spears kissing clip has not been broadcast added.

CBS said the problem is very difficult. CBS News spokesman said: "Madonna's public image has been known, in her morning show appearance rate is considerably high. Lambert's image in the present there is considerable controversy, is not suitable for large-scale dissemination of Therefore, we all know, this is still a reasonable result. "

To break 09 world records Xindie selling album Aunt Susan

Susan - Boyle Aunt

PRC this year's "Genius of England show" The biggest surprise - 48-year-old "Tian Laicun women," Aunt Susan Boyle created a miracle! This week, Susan's new album, "I had a dream," the first day of worldwide distribution, the company sold 13 million copies to create the world's singers at this year's first day sales record of sub-plate. This figure compared with the Top 5 album this week, the other four albums combined.

In fact, before the official release, the album has broken the Amazon pre-sale record in the history of the world's highest. "I had a dream," is expected to be sold before this weekend, 400,000, is likely to become the fastest-selling album this year. This year, the record is currently being maintained by the boy band JLS, their self-titled album earlier this month at sub-sold more than 23 million copies worldwide. According to the current rapid sales momentum, Susan Aunt of this achievement, integrity directed at leona Lewis created by the first week debut record away. Two years ago, Lewis's first album, created in the first week sales of 375,872 of the alarming figures. "People of all ages seem to buying the album, apparently it will be necessary this year's Christmas gift one." HMV video store Genaluoka Starr say any more.

As this year's "Genius of England Show," runner-up, Susan said she finally realized the dream of issuing their own album. "No matter who, anyone who dares to pursue their dreams, happiness is waiting for him in front of it!" Earlier this year, nothing to boast of her courage to board the "genius of England Show" stage, wore well-known poison tongue judge Simon test Will ridiculed the pressure to a 经典音乐剧 "Les Miserables" in Fantine sings songs, "I had a dream of the" Stunning 4, fame. The video has been competing with her on the Internet, sometimes touched countless people all over the world.

Susan remake oldies music companies to seize the selling points of fame for her launch a full cover of the classic songs from the album consisting of a total of 12. These include rural and popular classic song "Armageddon", the classic Christmas song "amazing grace," "Silent Night" and the jazz song, "Cry Me A River", etc. Then there is first touched the world, "I had a dream."

When the astonishing record of birth, the old one woman, the U.S. propaganda Xindie, mounted the top of the Empire State Building in New York. In the United States, Susan was also a guest of the "Today" program, she performed in New York, Rockefeller Plaza, stir audience. She said she was the album cover of the Madonna of the "wait and see" is sang those who had bullied her at school, people listen. "I want to use this song to convey my feelings because I was often bullied at school. You when I was small I can do for me, but you can no longer do for me. Now I have grown up."

At the same time, Susan's a personal special program, "I had a dream: Susan Boyle's story" will debut on American television. The one-hour documentary, it was produced by featuring Simon Cowell, will review her from obscurity to the extraordinary world-famous course. The film will be held December 13 broadcast in the United States.

Although the royalties on album sales flourishes, but Susan did not intend to move out of the current residence, and now she and pet cats living in Scotland lothian co Pei Bosi Black city of a unified government building. Reporter Tu Chen Xin

Robbie - Williams denied the engagement of air marriage proposal is just a joke claim

BEIJING, November 30 Xinhua English singer Robbie. Williams clarified that he is not engaged with his girlfriend Aida. While on the previous day, he was on the radio to marry his girlfriend.

Robbie told ABC radio yesterday, the visit, the host, said to Robbie, there are a lot of celebrities were presented in Sydney in courtship. Robbie was also broadcast live immediately opposite the girlfriend Aida, I was so in love you, are you willing to do when my fiancee? Aida smiled and replied, very willing.

Broadcast Not long after that, his agent in London, hastened to explain, Robbie air marriage proposal is a joke, not really.

However, one disturbing is that Robbie's mother, then to the British media that his son intends to marry a few days with his girlfriend. The popular singer in Europe in the end engaged yet? Last Robbie said on its Web site, Hey, you, I have not engaged.

Aunt Susan again denied that the collapse of abnormal behavior purely comedy show


Aunt Susan comedy show

BEIJING, November 30 due to power talent show "Britain over" and a gun but denied the collapse of the red Aunt Susan. Recently, Aunt Susan, when the show suck fingers suddenly tears, raising fears that the collapse of her again. However, she denied the rumors in an interview that suck the fingers in response to their career stage like a newborn baby, pure comedy.

The day before yesterday she was in Scotland at the door greeting fans dressed in pajamas and robe, even the trash is also notable because the strong sales of its Xindie expected to Britain about half a million first week of sale, will break the band Coldplay's "X & Y "album, becoming the last decade the fastest selling disc album. Her neighbors, she Xindie explosion a week ago, they launched themselves at home wild Xindie nuisance.

Jackson bodyguards MJ masks asking price to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars


Jackson appeared during his lifetime often mask costume

LOS ANGELES Beijing November 30, according to Hong Kong media reports, Michael - Jackson (MJ) during his lifetime trusted bodyguards dead Eric recently made an attempt to wealth, in order to sell 150,000 U.S. dollars used masks MJ died the night before.

MJ's collection always has a price that Urban, MJ, when the first jump the moon dance wear white gloves, the earlier it with 35 million on the auction bid by Hong Kong businessman, but did not expect some people would die the night before to sell used MJ the black silk mask.

United States, "News of the World" received a Los Angeles businessman line report that MJ bodyguards Eric Muhammad attempted to sell the mask, then arrange to meet and secretly photographed the process. Eric met with the undercover agents, from a plastic bag and took out a mask, he said: "This is his thing, you are welcome to go testing DNA. Mask still mount his make-up, and his smell." Drive to send the original Eric MJ see three children to the hospital after being rescued his father and secretly placed in the car put away the mask.

To prove himself and MJ familiar, Eric refers to MJ to go out to the concert rehearsal on weekdays, when the first one is to see him, also pointed out that MJ played his three children affectionately playboy to do "big only E". Eric said that the mask makes sense for him, at first the lion's opening bid 200 thousand U.S. dollars, later cut prices to 15 million (approximately one million yuan).

Eric blamed MJ's death is its own doctor to Muri negligence, Eric is estimated that Muri to MJ after drenching oversleep, that makes MJ lost to save. Ironically, Eric refers to MJ is very loyal to their own right, certainly not to the media Pu material. (Lili / text)